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A list of classifications for books included in the list and may be used as search criteria to find books of interest.

Alphabet Book

A book that utilizes letters of the alphabet in different ways and may or may not tell a story. Alphabet books can include simple object recognition or can be thematic and are often told in rhyme or alliteration.


A book that has withstood the test of time and has been a favorite of readers for many years.

Concept Book

A type of informational book that introduces a single concept, such as shape, color, size, or numbers. It includes alphabet books and counting books.

Counting Book

A type of picture book that focuses on numbers and counting.

Early Chapter Book

Transitional fiction that is longer than the standard picture book, is formatted in short chapters, and is usually written for readers in grades one to three.

Easy Reader

A book that is written at a first or second grade level in which phrases or sentences are repeated in the text in easily recognized patterns. These books are designed to help new readers make meaning of the text.

Graphic Novel

A format in which image and print are interdependent. Graphic novels may be of any genre, including nonfiction.

Photo Essay

A book that presents information on a concept or illustrates a story using photographs and text.

Picture Book

A book in which the message depends upon pictures as much or more than text. The pictures extend the text in a way that would not be possible from the words alone.

Read Aloud

A title that reviewers feel will engage a group of children and works well when presented orally.

Struggling Reader

A title that is engaging to students reading below grade level. The title's interest level is age appropriate for students who are reluctant to read and/or are challenged by the complexity of text at their grade level.

Wordless Book

A picture book that tells a story or presents information through the pictures with very little or no text.

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Last Reviewed: Wednesday, September 06, 2023
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