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Long Descriptions for Appendix: Sex Trafficking

Long descriptions for complex figures and tables in Appendix, Sex Trafficking of the Health Education Framework for California Public Schools, Kindergarten through Grade Twelve.

Title: Example of a Survivor Support System

This image illustrates the many aspects of a support system that should be in place to support survivors of sex trafficking.

At the center of the image is a large circle with the word “Student.” Surrounding the center circle are 12 smaller circles, which form a circle around the larger circle. Each of the smaller circles names an aspect of a survivor support system. Clockwise from the top, the circles have the following words: “Teachers,” “Family,” “School Social Worker,” “School Resource Officer,” “Principal,” “Medical Provider,” “Advocate (CBO),” “School Nurse,” “Mental Health Services,” “Law Enforcement,” “Child Protective Service,” and “Friends and Peers.”

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Title: Recognize, Respond, Refer

This image lists the three components of the Recognize, Respond, and Refer approach to sex trafficking involving students. The image is a circle divided into three equal parts. The equal parts are pie-shaped. The border of each pie-shaped part is an arrow pointing clockwise to the next pie-shaped part to indicate that this approach should be ongoing effort in the school. The words in the three pie-shaped parts are: “Recognize,” “Respond,” and “Refer.”

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