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T-SEL Long Descriptions

Long descriptions of figures featured in the California Transformative Social and Emotional Learning (T-SEL) Competencies and Conditions.

Figure 1. CASEL SEL Framework

Long Description: This image is of the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Framework diagram, also known as the CASEL Wheel. At the center of the diagram is a white circle labeled “Social and Emotional Learning.” Surrounding this white circle is another circle separated into five sections. The sections are labeled as follows: Self-Awareness (orange), Self-Management (orange), Responsible Decision-Making (yellow), Relationship Skills (green), and Social Awareness (green). The orange sections are intrapersonal competencies. The green sections are interpersonal competencies. The yellow section is both an inter and intrapersonal competency. Surrounding these sections is a series of concentric circles. The first circle is blue and is labeled “Classroom” and “SEL Instruction & Classroom Climate.” The second circle is a lighter blue labeled “Schools” and “Schoolwide Culture, Practices & Policies.” The third circle is a lighter blue labeled “Families & Caregivers” and “Authentic Partnerships.” The fourth circle is a lighter blue labeled “Communities” and “Aligned Learning Opportunities.”

Figure 2. How the Competencies and Conditions Work Together to Support Positive Outcomes

Long Description: This image is a diagram displaying the relationship between the Transformative Social-Emotional Learning Conditions and Competencies, which is described in detail above the image. The diagram is displayed as an equation. Between parentheses is an addition equation. The two items being added together include “Practices (People work)” described as “What do the adults in the system do?” and “Structures and Policies (Environment)” described as “What does the context need to be in order for this to happen well?” Practices and Structures and Policies fall under (and appear under) “Conditions for Thriving.” These two items added together equal “Transformative SEL Competencies (indicators/outcomes)” described as “What are the knowledge, skills, dispositions, and capacities that children and adults are building?” There are two arrows, one pointing left to right and the other right to left, between Conditions for Thriving and Transformative SEL Competencies. To the right of the equation in parentheses is an equal sign and next to this equal sign is “School, Life and Societal Benefits (Research evidence),” which is described as “Positive academic, personal, societal outcomes.”

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Last Reviewed: Friday, November 17, 2023