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Public School Directory Style Sheet

The California Department of Education’s standards for reporting Directory information, such as school/district names, email, web, and physical/mailing addresses, and personnel titles.

School Names and District Names

  • Omit “School District” from district names.
  • Omit “School” from school names except when it falls in the middle of a name (e.g., “Corona School of the Arts”).
  • Omit “The” from school names except when it falls in the middle of a name (e.g., “Corona School of the Arts”).
  • If initials are used for schools named after a person, include a space between initials.

E-mail Addresses, Web Addresses, and Physical and Mailing Addresses

  • Lowercase all e-mail addresses.
  • Lowercase all Web addresses. Use “http://” only when a Web address does not begin with “www.”
  • Include mailing address only when it differs from the physical address.
  • For numbered street names, spell out the numbers one through ten (e.g., “Ninth St.”). Use numerals for all others (e.g., 13th St.).
  • For street addresses, always use numerals (e.g., 1 Washington Sq.).
  • Post office boxes or drawers must be abbreviated without periods and without spaces between the “P” and the “O” (e.g., PO Box).
  • Use the following abbreviations in street names:

    Street Name Abbreviation
    Avenue Ave.*
    Avenues Aves.
    Boulevard Blvd.*
    Building Bldg.
    Center Ctr.*
    Circle Cir.
    Court Ct.
    Drive Dr.
    Floor Fl.
    Highway Hwy.*
    Lane Ln.
    Parkway Pkwy.
    Place Pl.
    Road Rd.
    Roads Rds.
    Route Rt.*
    Room Rm.
    Square Sq.
    Street St.
    Streets Sts.
    Suite Ste.

    * Exceptions: Do not abbreviate if the word falls in the middle of the street name (e.g., “1340 Avenue 36,” “619 Highway 135”). Do not abbreviate Mount, Plaza, Saint, Terrace, or Way.

    Spell out compass points in all cases (e.g., “490 North Hollywood Dr.,” “1920 Main St. East”).

School and School District Personnel

  • Prefixes and suffixes should not be typed into a name (first, middle, or last) or title field. Use the appropriate dropdown menu for prefix or suffix, as needed.
  • Follow the standard format for district personnel, for example: Director, Curriculum and Instruction (rather than Director of Curriculum & Instruction).
  • If initials are used in a name, place a period after the initial. If more than one initial is used, include a space between initials.
  • Use the following open and closed compounds for job titles:
    • Open Compounds
      • Coordinator in Charge
      • Interim Superintendent
      • Teacher in Charge
      • Vice Chancellor
      • Vice President
      • Vice Principal
    • Closed Compounds
      • Codirector
      • Coprincipal
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Last Reviewed: Thursday, October 12, 2023