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2007–08 Recertified Advance Apportionment Letter

Letter Head: Jack O'Connell, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Phone number 916-319-0800

November 5, 2007

Dear County Superintendents of Schools, Auditors, Treasurers, and Special Education Local Plan Area Directors:


The 2007–08 Advance Apportionment was recertified after the enactment of the Budget Act of 2007 (Chapter 171, Statutes of 2007) and implementing legislation. The Advance Apportionment previously certified on July 20, 2007, only apportioned funds for select programs whose funding is authorized apart from the budget process. The recertified Advance Apportionment total is $27,440,555,711.

As provided in California Education Code Section 41330, the 2007–08 recertified Advance Apportionment was calculated by applying adjustments authorized in statute to the 2006–07 Second Principal Apportionment data. Current year data will be reflected through updates at the subsequent 2007–08 First, Second, and Annual Apportionments beginning in February 2008. Local educational agencies should budget accordingly.

Enclosed with this letter is a summary of the method by which the 2007–08 Recertified Advance Apportionment was calculated. A copy of this letter and the associated apportionment exhibits are available on the California Department of Education Principal Apportionment Web page at

County superintendents should advise districts and charter schools of this apportionment as soon as possible, including providing a copy of this letter.

If you have any questions regarding this apportionment, or need assistance, please contact the Office of Principal Apportionment and Special Education, at 916-324-4541 or by e-mail at



Susan Lange, Deputy Superintendent
Finance, Technology, and Administration Branch


Last Reviewed: Monday, October 23, 2017

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