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LLMF Frequently Asked Questions

Learning Loss Mitigation Funding (LLMF) frequently asked questions and responses.

1. Do LEAs need to apply for LLMF?

Yes, the application is available at the Learning Loss Mitigation Funding web page and is due by August 5th in order to be included in the first apportionment.

2. Will CDE post preliminary allocations?

Yes, the California Department of Education (CDE) has posted local education agencies’ (LEAs’) preliminary allocations on the Learning Loss Mitigation Funding web page.

3. Are there different formulas in how funds will be distributed to LEAs?

Yes, there are three different funding formulas that will make up the distribution to LEAs, information can be found on the Learning Loss Mitigation Funding web page.

4. Will LEAs be required to report to CDE on these funds?

Yes, the CDE will be requiring LEAs to report monthly on the use of funds. CDE will be sending out information soon on what this reporting process will look like.

5. What are the allowable uses of LLMF?

LEAs must use the funds in accordance with Senate Bill 98 (Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review, Chapter 24, Statutes of 2020):

  • Addressing learning loss or accelerating progress to close learning gaps through the implementation, expansion, or enhancement of learning supports that begin before the start of the school year and the continuation of intensive instruction and supports into the school year.
  • Extending the instructional school year by making adjustments to the academic calendar, increasing the number of instructional minutes provided during each week or schoolday, or taking any other action that increases the amount of instructional time or services provided to pupils based on their learning needs.
  • Providing additional academic services for pupils, such as diagnostic assessments of pupil learning needs, intensive instruction for addressing gaps in core academic skills, additional instructional materials or supports, or devices or connectivity for the provision of in-classroom and distance learning.
  • Providing integrated pupil supports to address other barriers to learning, such as the provision of health, counseling, or mental health services, professional development opportunities to help teachers and parents support pupils in distance-learning contexts, access to school breakfast and lunch programs, or programs to address pupil trauma and social-emotional learning.

6. When is the date that the LEAs must expend the funds by?

LEAs must expend both CR Funds and GF by December 30, 2020. For GEER Funds, LEAs have until September 30, 2022 to expend.

7. Are newly operational charter schools eligible?

Newly operational charter schools are not eligible for LLMF. These charter schools do not generate an allocation because the data elements are based on prior year, and there is no provision in statute to fund new charter schools on current year.

8. Do any supplement not supplant requirements apply to LLMF? (new 8/4/20)

The CR Funding and the GF do not include a supplement not supplant provision.

For the GEER Fund, the supplement not supplant provision may apply depending on how an LEA determines their equitable services calculation. Please review Elementary and Secondary School Relief (ESSER) FAQs for more information on how the equitable services requirement applies to CARES Act funds.

9. Is the LLMF subject to the equitable services requirement? (new 8/4/20)

Only the GEER funds are subject to equitable services. Please review the ESSER FAQs for more information on how the equitable services requirement applies to CARES Act funds.

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Last Reviewed: Tuesday, August 04, 2020
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