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SACS2013ALL Software: Known Problems/Fixes

The sacs2013allsetup.exe file will not include fixes made subsequent to the SACS2013ALL software release. If any problems are found, we will list them here and provide any revised files or workaround instructions.

Problem: Known Problem with Windows 7

Some users have reported problems running the standardized account code structure (SACS) software on Windows 7 PCs. The problems are not consistent among users, but they have been encountered while importing, exporting, running the technical review checklist, updating the validation tables, and printing, including printing from the Table of Contents.

Workaround: Install the Windows XP Mode and the Windows Virtual PC (directions follow). Then within the newly installed Windows XP with Virtual PC window, install the SACS Software, print drivers, and printers. From this point forward, all SACS software should be installed and accessed within the Windows XP with Virtual PC window.

Note: We strongly recommend enlisting the help of your technical support staff before attempting this workaround. The initial download and installation of Windows XP with Virtual PC, print drivers, and printers may take significant time, depending on the speed of your internet connection, the level of your technical expertise, and the level of your PC’s user account rights and privileges. For example, while installing the Windows XP with Virtual PC, the user is prompted to review and accept a licensing agreement, and the user must be logged on as an administrator and have sufficient user account privileges. Please verify with your technical support staff that you have authority to install the Windows XP with Virtual PC.

  • Download and install Windows XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC  --  The installation files for Windows XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC may be downloaded from the Microsoft Web page External link opens in new window or tab..

  • If you needed to log on as an administrator for the bullet above, you should now log on as the normal SACS software user. (Once you log on as a different user, you may be prompted to repeat the Windows XP Mode setup steps.)

  • After Windows XP Mode with Virtual PC is installed, open Windows XP Mode (Start→Programs→Windows Virtual PC→Windows XP Mode, which can be right clicked to make a shortcut icon on your desktop) and install printers and print drivers for use within Windows XP Mode.

  • While still within the Windows XP Mode, and while still logged on as the normal SACS software user, install the SACS software.

  • The SACS software user should be made aware of the following:
  • Anytime the user accesses the SACS software, the user must first go into the Windows XP Mode window and then open the SACS software icon.

  • When the SACS software is installed in the Windows XP Mode with Virtual PC, it is installed to the VIRTUAL C:\drive. 

  • As a result, all exported files are sent to the VIRTUAL C:\drive, as opposed to the standard C:\drive on your physical PC.  “Other” .dat files are exported to C:\SACS2013ALL, and “Official” .dat files are exported to C:\SACS2013ALL\OFFICIAL.

  • Accordingly, when validation tables and fixes are downloaded, they should be downloaded to and applied from the VIRTUAL C:\drive.

Problem: Run-time Error 429

Periodically, the required Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) file is not properly installed on Windows 98 machines, causing a run-time error 429 upon opening the Standardized Account Code Structure (SACS) software.

Fix: Be sure all other applications are closed, then download this MDAC file: mdactyp (EXE; 7MB). Once downloaded, double-click on the file to begin installation (be sure to read the prompts thoroughly). When the installation is completed, the SACS software should open properly.

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Last Reviewed: Tuesday, December 19, 2023
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