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Longfellow Elementary

Students working in the garden at Longfellow Elementary School

Longfellow earned an ENERGY STAR 2011 award with a perfect score of 100. Every Wednesday, the school's Green team hosts Walk to School Wednesdays for its community members. For those who don't live close enough to walk the full distance, they are encouraged to drive to a nearby point and walk the remainder of the route with fellow classmates. The school awards prizes that promote sustainable living to classes with the most walkers, such as reusable lunch containers. Not satisfied with greening just one school, Longfellow partnered with a local middle school, forming a green schools coalition to disseminate good practices to other area schools. Longfellow's community partners include Lowe's, local public relations firms, the local department of the environment, local businesses and community colleges, and a number of sponsors that helped to fund the school's garden and tree planting. Every teacher at the school engages in professional development in environmental and sustainability, and 100 percent of physical education takes place outdoors.

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Last Reviewed: Thursday, October 26, 2023