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TUPE Expenditure Report for Fiscal Year 2019–20

Tobacco-Use Prevention Education Program Proposition 56 Annual Expenditure Report California Healthcare, Research and Prevention Tobacco Act of 2016 Fund.

Tobacco-Use Prevention Education Program

Proposition 56 Annual Expenditure Report for FY 2019–20 California Healthcare, Research and Prevention Tobacco Tax Act of 2016 Fund

Proposition 56, approved by the California voters in the November 2016 general election, increased, by $2.00 the tax on each pack of cigarettes sold in the state. The initiative increased the tax on other tobacco products by an equivalent amount, including electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) for the first time. This tax is deposited into the California Healthcare, Research and Prevention Tobacco Tax Act of 2016 Fund.

The 2019–20 State Budget appropriated funds from the California Healthcare, Research and Prevention Tobacco Tax Act of 2016 Fund for several purposes, including tobacco-use prevention education in schools. California Department of Education (CDE) receives funds to prevent and reduce the use of tobacco and nicotine products by young people as described in Section 104420 of the California Health and Safety Code (HSC).

State Operations

The 2019–20 State Budget appropriated $997,000 in State Operations from Revenue and Taxation Code Section 30130.57(b) (1) and (f). The State Operations funds are used for compensation and benefits for the Tobacco-Use Prevention Education (TUPE) Office staff, to support the purposes and objectives of Proposition 56, provide travel expenses for expanded onsite monitoring of grants and conferences, training for staff, and costs associated with the ongoing services related with program administration. From the total State Budget Appropriation, the California Department of Education (CDE) TUPE Office expended $ 997,000, representing 100 percent of the allocated State Operations funding. For the Statewide General Administrative Expenditures (Pro Rata) have been allocated $278,000, funds used for the pro rata expenditures. The CDE TUPE Office expended $278,000 representing 100 percent of the allocated amount.

Local Assistance

The 2019–20 Budget Act appropriated $16,641,000 in Local Assistance projects as described in Revenue and Taxation Code Section 30130.57(b)(1). The TUPE Program distributed funding to local educational agencies (LEAs) through several competitive and formula-based grant programs for a total of $16,640,578, representing about 100 percent of the 2019–20 Local Assistance funding, as follows:

  • Capacity Building Provider Grant (CBP)—the CDE awarded $5,500,000 to fund the TUPE CBP Grant for 33 months, beginning October 1, 2019, through June 30, 2022. The TUPE CBP grant will provide support and guidance to local TUPE-funded programs. The TUPE CBP will also provide leadership for the TUPE programs on model programs, best practices, and continuous program monitoring and improvement through current data resources.
  • Youth Engagement to Address Tobacco-Related Health Disparities Grant—the CDE awarded $4,120,912.16 for one year beginning July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020, representing no less than 15 percent from the entire fiscal year 2019–20 CDE TUPE allocation, for the purpose to accelerate and monitor the rate of decline in tobacco-related disparities for the purpose of eliminating tobacco-related disparities. The intent is to reduce tobacco-related disparities only for the reduction or elimination of tobacco-use disparities through tobacco-use prevention, youth development, intervention, and cessation programs in schools specifically directed at priority subgroups. The Legislature requires that the funds allocated under the Health Disparities Grant be used to accelerate and monitor the rate of decline in tobacco-related disparities in California. The goal of the Health Disparities Grant is to prevent and/or reduce student tobacco use and nicotine addiction by funding LEA programs to provide education for specific populations to make healthful tobacco-related decisions through tobacco-specific, evidence-based educational instruction and activities that build knowledge, social skills, and youth development assets.
  • American Indian Education Grants—the CDE awarded $200,000 to implement supplemental prevention education, intervention and cessation programs, and youth development programs directed at the reduction of commercial tobacco use among youth. TUPE funds are only intended for the enforcement of Commercial Tobacco-Free Policies, administration of the California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS), and support for activities that prevent the use of all tobacco products by youth.
  • County Technical Assistance for Tobacco Use Prevention Education (CTAT) Grant—the CDE awarded $5,414,354 as non-competitive grants to support the county offices of education (COEs) in providing leadership, administrative oversight, training, and technical assistance (TA) to LEAs in each county for planning, preparing applications for TUPE grant funds, and implementing approved TUPE programs. The role of the COE TUPE Coordinator is to help ensure that LEAs implement effective and compliant TUPE-funded programs in coordination with the CDE TUPE Program. The purpose of the funding is for the COEs to plan, develop, and implement capacity building, TA and training, and program monitoring and improvement services for TUPE activities implemented by LEAs.
  • Contracts—Pursuant to HSC subdivision (l) of Section 104420, the CDE awarded $555,558.21 for TA; implementation strategies, and regional coordinating activities related to tobacco-use prevention education, and $849,753.63 for the support of the statewide program evaluation.

Summary Reports

Summary of Expenditures (2019–20) (XLSX)

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