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Sample Action Plan

Sample action plan for local educational agencies to assist California schools to act promptly to resolve disputes, taunting, harassment, intimidation, or bullying that could result in violence.

Assembly Bill 9 Compliance

Sample Action Plan for Local Educational Agencies

  1. Policy Revision

    Action Steps:
    1. Review current harassment/discrimination policy
    2. Add "intimidation and bullying based on the actual or perceived characteristics" to harassment/discrimination policy
    3. Add "intimidation and bullying" to complaint process
    4. Add language for staff taking immediate actions when safe to do so
    5. Submit policy for board adoption

  2. Timeline for Investigation

    Action Steps:
    1. Work with school sites to identify a realistic timeline for investigation
    2. Develop check-list for proper investigations
    3. Provide language on the number of days and process to investigate a complaint to include in policy

  3. Appeals Process

    Action Steps:
    1. Revise current appeals process to include Assembly Bill 9 requirements
    2. Develop or revise current forms
    3. Add district staff contact for appeals of findings

  4. Translate All Forms

    Action Steps:
    1. Submit revised forms for translation
    2. Identify high need languages
    3. Translate all documents
    4. Maintain records for costs to translate

  5. Publicize Policy

    Action Steps:
    1. Revise student handbooks to comply with AB 9
    2. Revise employee handbooks to comply with AB 9
    3. Place revised harassment policy, reporting process, complaint process, and appeals process on school site and district Web sites

  6. Post the Policy

    Action Steps:
    1. Identify all rooms where policy must be posted
    2. Duplicate policy and laminate
    3. Post policy in offices, staff lounges, pupil government rooms, and other locations as appropriate

  7. Maintain Documentation of Complaints and Resolution

    Action Steps:

    1. Electronic:
      1. Develop data-base with fields
      2. Identify staff to use the electronic form
      3. Provide training
    2. Paper:
      1. Individual school sites must store and secure paperwork
      2. Copy must be sent to the district office lead
      3. Files should be maintained for a two-year period

  8. Ensure Complainants are Protected from Retaliation

    Action Steps:
    1. Discussion with students about retaliation and witness intimidation will be provided during behavior assemblies
    2. Student handbooks to be revised with statements and consequences for retaliation and witness intimidation
    3. Inform complainants of ways to report retaliation or intimidation
    4. Follow-up contact with complainants and parents

  9. Complainants' Identities are Confidential as Appropriate

    Action Steps:
    1. Adhere to Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
    2. Investigate without using names of targets or reporters if possible
    3. Attempt to witness the act (documenting time, location, and people involved)
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Last Reviewed: Tuesday, March 30, 2021