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Bilingual Teacher Professional Development Program

Information about and resources regarding the 2024 Bilingual Teacher Professional Development Program.

The 2023–24 Kindergarten Through Grade Twelve Education Omnibus Trailer Bill, Senate Bill 114 (Chapter 48, Statutes of 2023) Section 44 External link opens in new window or tab. , provides $20 million, through the 2028–29 fiscal year, to support five or more competitive Bilingual Teacher Professional Development Program (BTPDP) grants to ensure that California can meet the demand for bilingual teachers necessary for the implementation of dual language and other bilingual education programs as authorized by the California Education for a Global Economy (CA Ed.G.E.) Initiative and to ensure California is able to meet the demand in preparing bilingual education teachers.

Per California Education Code Section 52202(b) External link opens in new window or tab. , the California Department of Education (CDE) shall allocate grant funding to eligible local educational agencies (LEAs), including county offices of education (COEs), school districts, charter schools, or consortia of LEAs. LEAs may partner with community colleges, public or private four-year institutions of postsecondary education, and professional organizations or nonprofit organizations with English learner expertise. Applicants must have a demonstrated commitment to bilingual or multilingual education and bilingual teacher development and demonstrate their capacity to fully prepare teachers to obtain bilingual authorizations and to provide professional learning to eligible participants.

When selecting grantees, the department must ensure, to the maximum extent possible, that grantees are balanced with regard to geographic region and urban and rural settings.

The CDE, in consultation with the Commission on Teacher Credentialing, will develop and administer this grant program, including developing criteria for the awarding of grants, developing an application process, requesting data from participating LEAs, and awarding grants.

Under this program, eligible LEAs may receive up to $4 million total to provide professional learning services to teachers or paraprofessionals who meet specific eligibility criteria.

This program is under development, and additional information will be posted as it becomes available.

Grant Web Pages and Timelines

*Timeline subject to change.

Activity Date
Request for Applications (RFA) Release Week of March 11, 2024
Application Technical Assistance Webinar March 20, 2024
Application due to the CDE April 15, 2024, by 4 p.m.*
Intent to Award posted Week of May 6, 2024*
Last day for appeals to be received by the CDE One week after the Intent to Awards is posted*
Final Awards posted Week of May 27, 2024*

Application Technical Assistance Webinar

The BTPDP Application Technical Assistance (TA) Webinar was held on March 20, 2024.

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