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Uniform Complaint Procedures Contacts

Contact information for various programs and services subject to the Uniform Complaint Procedures.
Program or Service Contact Office Contact Phone
Adult Education Adult Education Office 916-322-2175
After School Education and Safety After School Division 916-319-0923
Agricultural Career Technical Education Career and College Transition Division 916-319-0887
American Indian Education Centers and Early Childhood Education Program Assessments Coordinated Student Support Division 916-319-0506
Career Technical and Technical Education; Career Technical; Technical Training; (State) and Career Technical Education (Federal) and Regional Occupational Centers and Programs Career Tech Ed (CTE) Leadership and Instructional Support Office 916-322-5050
Child Care and Development (including State Preschool) Early Education and Support Division 916-322-6233

Child Nutrition

Nutrition Services Division 800-952-5609
Discrimination, Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying, Student Lactation Accommodations, and LGBTQ Resources Education Equity UCP Appeals Office 916-319-8239
Education of Pupils in Foster Care, Pupils who are Homeless, former Juvenile Court Pupils now enrolled in a school district, and Pupils from Military Families Coordinated School Health and Safety Office 916-319-0914
Local Control Accountability Plans (LCAPs): Content or Procedures Local Agency Systems Support Office 916-319-0809
Local Control Accountability Plans (LCAPs): Fiscal, including the California Peer Assistance and Review Programs for Teachers School Fiscal Services Division 916-322-3024
Every Student Succeeds Act / No Child Left Behind including bilingual education, compensatory education, consoliated categorical aid, economic impact aid, migrant education, school safety plans Categorical Programs Complaints Management Office 916-319-0929
Physical Education: Instructional Minutes Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Office 916-323-5847
Course Periods without Educational Content Categorical Programs Complaints Management Office 916-319-0929
School Facilities (for Williams Complaints) School Facility Planning Division 916-322-2470
Special Education Procedural Safeguards and Referral Services Unit 800-926-0648
Tobacco-Use Prevention Education Coordinated School Health and Safety Office 916-319-0914
Pupil Fees Categorical Programs Complaints Management Office 916-319-0929
Questions:   California Department of Education | 916-319-0800
Last Reviewed: Thursday, August 2, 2018
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