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Required Data and Document Information

List of data and documents required of WIOA funded agencies. Also provides resources for technical assistance and training.

Agencies awarded grants under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), Title II, Adult Education Family Literacy Act (AEFLA), sections 200 through 243, must remain in good standing throughout the funding cycle in order to be awarded funds and eligible to annually apply for the grant. All WIOA funded agencies are required to submit data and documents according to established instructions and timelines. Failure to submit all required data and documents by the due date will result in the California Department of Education (CDE) placing a hold on the agency’s grant funds until the missing items are received and may result in termination of the grant.

Mandatory Requirements and Submissions

Annual Program Budget, Quarterly Expenditure Reports, and Final Expenditure Claim

The WIOA and the Adult Education Office (AEO) require that programs expend funds in a manner that is consistent with state and federal regulations.

Quarterly Data Integrity Reports

The CDE’s AEO requires the reports for quarterly monitoring of local agency’s performance.

End-of-Year Data Report

The National Reporting System (NRS) requires end-of-year data for monitoring agency and state level performance.

Annual Technology and Distance Learning Plan

The WIOA, Title II, requires that states fund local activities based on the 13 considerations outlined in Section 231, which includes effectively employing advances in technology and offering distance learning opportunities.

Civic Objectives and Additional Assessment Plans (COAAPS)

The AEO requires Integrated English Literacy and Civics Education (IELCE) funded agencies to submit COAAPS used to capture student learning gains, to measure performance, and determine funding levels.

California Accountability Training and Implementation Training

Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment Systems (CASAS) training sessions focusing on required Accountability and Implementation training are offered online and at many locations across the state. Presentation materials provide the legal, regulatory, and policy considerations affecting accountability and implementation of the WIOA.

Quarterly Core Performance Follow-Up Measures Survey

The NRS requires quarterly reporting of core performance goal attainment for learners to monitor agency level and state level performance.

AEFLA Program Implementation Survey and Adult Education Personnel Report

The AEO requires results from these sources to evaluate the effectiveness of WIOA activities and include in federal and state reports.

End-of-Year Payment Point Summary Report

The AEO requires this report to monitor overall performance of an agency and to plan funding allocations.

End-of-Year Certification Letter

The AEO requires certification to document performance to prepare state and federal reports including required federal data tables and determine future funding allocations.

Policy Guidelines and Technical Assistance Resources

Program Guidelines and Requirements

Program guidelines are included in the application. The application section is to be filled out and submitted online, with a printed copy containing an authorized signature mailed to the CDE. Agencies are encouraged to retain copies for reference throughout the funding cycle.

General Assurances and Certifications

Applications submitted by each agency contain General and Specific Assurances and Certifications. An authorized person of each agency must certify the agency’s intent to comply with the assurances.

Unified California State Plan for WIOA

The U.S. Department of Labor and the Department of Education require a unified WIOA implementation plan for the state to become eligible to receive adult education literacy funds. A copy of the Unified California State Plan External link opens in new window or tab. is available at the California Workforce Development Board Web site.

Beginning-of-Year Data Reporting Letter and End-Of-Year Data Reporting Letter

The AEO distributes two accountability letters each year, one at the beginning of the program year, and one before the end of the program year. These letters provide agency-level detailed information currently needed to meet data collection and reporting responsibilities.

AEFLA Title II Regional Trainings

Live and Web-based training sessions are provided throughout the year at many locations across the state and via the Internet. Training sessions include CASAS Implementation Training for new and experienced staff, Accountability Training for new and experienced staff, TOPSpro Enterprise  Basics: Hands-On Lab for new users, and TOPSpro Enterprise Special Topics: Hands-On Lab for experienced users.

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