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Multilingual Newsletters

The Multilingual Updates and Multilingual Parent Newsletters contain the latest information and resources regarding English learner and multilingual education from the California Department of Education Multilingual Support Division.


The Multilingual Support Division publishes two newsletters: the Multilingual Updates Newsletter and the Multilingual Parent Newsletter.

The Multilingual Updates Newsletter provides local educational agencies with information and updates on resources and guidance for supporting the English learners and multilingual learners they serve.

The Multilingual Parent Newsletter provides parents, families, and caregivers with information and resources to support the children they care for, from early childhood through grade 12. This newsletter is available in English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese (simplified and traditional), and Vietnamese.

These newsletters are normally published quarterly. During the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, these newsletters were published weekly, then monthly, and finally every-other-month to keep educators and families up to date with the latest information.

Multilingual Updates Listserv
Join the Multilingual Updates listserv to receive information, resources, and updates related to multilingual learners including English learners, dual language learners, migratory students, and immigrant students.


September 2023

Multilingual Updates Newsletter Issue 30: September 2023 (PDF)

June 2023

Multilingual Updates Newsletter Issue 29: June 2023 (PDF)

March 2023

Multilingual Updates Newsletter Issue 28: March 2023 (PDF)

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Last Reviewed: Thursday, November 16, 2023
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