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Title III Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events for English Learner and Title III programs.

Dates included on this calendar are gathered from various sources and are not intended as definitive or official notification from the Language Policy and Leadership Office. We hope the calendar will assist you in planning special recognition events.

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July 2019

Date Event
July 1 2019–20 Title III student programs funding (subgrant) period begins
July 1 Title III Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) Federal Addendum due
July 3–July 31 Pupil Estimates for New or Significantly Expanding Charters (PENSEC) submission period
July 10–July 31 Cash Management Data Collection (CMDC) Reporting Period 1
July 29–August 2 The California Department of Education and County Offices of Education reviews Title III LCAP Federal Addendums
July 31 2019–20 Consortium Online Application (COA) closes
July 31 Title III LCAP Federal Addendum Consortium Summary Template due

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August 2019

Date Event
August 12–September 13 Title III Annual Survey reporting period

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September 2019

Date Event
September 30 End of 2017–18 Title III funding (subgrant) period (27 months)

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October 2019

Date Event
October 1–15 Private School Affidavit Statutory filing period
October 10–31 CMDC Reporting Period 2

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January 2020

Date Event
January 10–31 CMDC Reporting Period 3
January 15 Last day to submit the LEA Title III LCAP Federal Addendum and Consortium Summary Template for approval
January 15–February 28 Student National Origin Report for private schools Reporting Period
January 15–February 28 Consolidated Application and Reporting System (CARS) Winter Release data collection and Title III expenditure reporting period

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February 2020

Date Event
February 11–12 Innovating for Equity Summit

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March 2020

Date Event
March 30 2019–20 Title III application period closes

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April 2020

Date Event
April 10–30 CMDC Reporting Period 4

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May 2020

Date Event
May 15 2020–21 COA opens
May 15–June 30 Title III Funding Applications Period: local educational agencies (LEAs) – the CARS Spring Release is open for Title III applications and expenditure reporting

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Last Reviewed: Tuesday, October 1, 2019
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