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2020 Data Release FAQ

Frequently asked questions related to the 2020 Data Release
Will the graduation rates and CCI data reported on the CDE School Dashboard Additional Reports and Data web page be reported on the 2020 Dashboard?

No. Senate Bill (SB) 98 prohibits the California Department of Education (CDE) from reporting state and local indicators on the 2020 Dashboard.

Will the CDE School Dashboard Additional Reports and Data Web Site report any Change data or performance colors?

No. The Graduation Rate Additional Report and the College/Career Measures Report reflect only the 2019–20 data collected in the California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS). They do not report the differences from prior year (Change) or performance colors.

Are there any changes to the graduation rate rules from last year?

Beginning with the 2020 reporting, the district of residence rule has been applied to the graduation rate. In prior Dashboard reports, the district of residence rule was applied only to the Academic Indicator.

The district of residence is also known as the “District of Special Education Accountability” (DSEA) in CALPADS and is applicable only to students with disabilities (SWD). To view more information on this rule, see the CDE Changes to the District of Residence Rule for Students with Disabilities flyer (PDF). This flyer details:

  • What the rule is,
  • Which entity is held accountable,
  • How to download a CALPADS extract to identify which SWDs are being: (1) sent to another entity or (2) attributed to their own LEA, and
  • Which CALPADS Flashes to access for more information.

Please note that the district of residence rule will be applied to all state indicators beginning with the 2021 Dashboard.

Are there any changes to the CCI from last year?

Yes. There are two updates:

  • Because the district of residence rule was applied to the graduation rate data (see above), it also carries over to the College/Career Measures Report because the CCI is based on students in the graduation rate.
  • In September 2020, the State Board of Education approved new career measures to be included in the CCI:
    • Pre-Apprenticeships (Registered and Non-Registered)
    • State or Federal Job Programs (available to DASS schools only)
    • Transition Classroom or Work-Based Learning Experiences (available only to students with Individualized Education Programs [IEPs] who do not earn a standard high school diploma)

These new measures have been included in the College/Career Measures Report. The Prepared/Approaching Prepared criteria for these measures are identified in the report (select the “>” button within the “Expand to view description of Prepared/Approaching Prepared CCI Measures”).

I’m noticing errors with my graduation rates and CCI data. Can I still make corrections in CALPADS so that these errors can be fixed?

No. The amendment window to make any adjustments to the data closed on September 14, 2020. The data reflected in the Graduation Rate Additional Report and College/Career Measures Report are final.

Will there be a Dashboard Technical Guide released this year?

No. A 2020 Dashboard Technical Guide will not be released. To access the business rules used to process graduation rates and CCI data for 2020, please use the information in this attachment and refer to the 2019 California School Dashboard Technical Guide (PDF).

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Last Reviewed: Wednesday, May 08, 2024