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DASS Participation Instructions

Instructions to participate in the Dashboard Alternative School Status (DASS) program for alternative schools of choice and charter schools that serve high-risk students.

The Dashboard Alternative School Status (DASS) participation form is used by alternative schools of choice and charter schools that serve high-risk students. The DASS criteria requires the school to have an unduplicated count of at least 70 percent of the schools' total enrollment composed of the following high-risk student groups: expelled; suspended, wards of the court; pregnant and/or parenting; recovered dropouts; habitually truant or habitually insubordinate and disorderly; retained more than once in kindergarten through grade eight; credit deficient; gap in enrollment; high level of transiency; Foster Youth; or Homeless Youth.

Completing and Submitting the DASS Participation Form (Part 1)

The submission deadline for the DASS Participation Form (Part 1) for the Fall 2017 Dashboard closed on October 6, 2017.

If you submitted the DASS Participation Form (Part 1) before the October 6, 20117 submission deadline, you will need to complete Part 2 of the application process. Approval of DASS Participation is contingent upon completion of Part 2.

Submitting Supporting Documents (Part 2)

The submission deadline for Part 2 is December 1, 2017

The local district governing board or the charter school board must certify that the school's enrollment meets the DASS criteria as an agendized board item.

Note: If the school's DASS eligibility was certified by the charter school board, a letter must be sent to the charter's authorizing governing board notifying them of their DASS eligibility. A copy of the notification letter must also be submitted to the CDE.

  1. Obtain signatures of the school principal, county or district superintendent or charter school administrator, and board president on the DASS Eligibility Certification Form
  2. Submit a copy of the board agenda and minutes that documents the approval of the DASS eligibility certification.
Send all supporting documents to:

Analysis, Measurement, and Accountability Reporting Division
California Department of Education
1430 N Street, Suite 5408
Sacramento, CA 95814


Submit the electronic versions by e-mail to

Terms of Dashboard Alternative School Status Participation

All DASS participants must maintain documentation of the 70 percent of students reflected on their DASS Participation Form. The CDE will conduct annual reviews and the failure to provide such documentation may result in termination of the school's DASS.

All schools voluntarily participating in the DASS program will be required to re-certify their high-risk student enrollments every three years (i.e., if a school is approved in 2016–17 to participate in DASS for the Fall 2017 Dashboard, this school must reapply in the 2019–20 to continue their participation in DASS for the Fall 2020 Dashboard). If a school fails to re-certify its high-risk student enrollment or the school’s enrollment of high-risk students fall below 70 percent, the school will be removed from DASS.

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Last Reviewed: Thursday, October 12, 2017