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2021 Arts Education Adoption Schedule

2021 California Arts Education Adoption of Instructional Materials Schedule of Significant Events. Approved by the State Board of Education July 8, 2020.
Event Date

Instructional Quality Commission (IQC) recommends the Schedule of Significant Events and online reviewer application

January 15–16, 2020

IQC recommends evaluation criteria map and standards maps (California Code of Regulations, Title 5 [5 CCR], Section 9510[u])

May 13–14, 2020

State Board of Education (SBE) adoption of the California Arts Framework, including the instructional materials adoption evaluation criteria (Education Code [EC] Section 60200[b][1])

SBE approves the Schedule of Significant Events (5 CCR Section 9510[s]) and online reviewer application (5 CCR Section 9513[a])

SBE approves evaluation criteria map and standards maps (5 CCR Section 9510[u])

July 8–9, 2020

Reviewer application period opens (5 CCR Section 9513[a])

July–September 2020

Small publisher fee waiver requests due (EC Section 60213)

November 6, 2020

IQC recommends reviewers (5 CCR Section 9512[b])

November 18–19, 2020

SBE appoints reviewers (5 CCR Section 9512[a])

SBE approves small publisher fee waiver requests (EC Section 60213[d][1])

January 13–14, 2021

Publisher Invitation to Submit meeting (5 CCR Section 9517)

January 27, 2021

Publisher intent to submit forms due (5 CCR Section 9517.3[a][3])

February 11, 2021

Publisher submission forms due (5 CCR Section 9517[c])

March 9, 2021

Publisher fees due (EC Section 60213)

March 25, 2021

Reviewer training week (5 CCR Section 9512[h])

April 12–16, 2021

Publisher complete instructional programs due (5 CCR Section 9517[e])

May 7, 2021

Reviewer deliberations week; review panels make program adoption recommendations (5 CCR Section 9519[i])

July 19–23, 2021

IQC holds public meeting to receive comment (5 CCR Section 9524[a][1])

August 17, 2021

IQC makes program adoption recommendations (5 CCR Section 9524[a][5])

September 22–23, 2021

SBE holds public meeting to receive comment

SBE takes action on program recommendations (EC Section 60200)

November 2021

This timeline is subject to change. The State Board of Education will only take action on changes to the approved timeline if they affect Instructional Quality Commission or State Board of Education action dates.

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