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California Arts Education Framework

Curriculum frameworks provide guidance to educators, parents, and publishers, to support implementing California content standards.

Development of the California Arts Education Framework for Public Schools, Transitional Kindergarten Through Grade Twelve

The State Board of Education (SBE) adopted the California Arts Education Framework for Public Schools, Transitional Kindergarten Through Grade Twelve (Arts Framework) on July 8, 2020. The Arts Framework supports the California Arts Standards for Public Schools, Prekindergarten Through Grade Twelve, (Arts Standards), which were adopted by the SBE in January 2019.

SBE-Adopted Arts Framework – Whole Document

2020 Arts Education Framework (PDF) (Note: this is a large file, allow time to load or save the file to your computer before opening.)

SBE-Adopted Arts Framework – By Chapter

To access discipline-specific guidance, view individual chapters of the Arts Framework using the links below.

Arts Education Framework Resources Links

Arts Framework Resources

California Arts Education Framework Resources for Implementation

  • A resource hub External link opens in new window or tab. for educators provided through collaboration among the California County Superintendents Educational Services Association’s Statewide Arts Initiative, The California Arts Project, and the California Department of Education. Resources include recorded excerpts of the March 2022 virtual launch, with others to be added.

PowerPoint presentations for selected chapters summarize content from the Arts Framework and may be helpful for use in professional learning sessions.

The California Arts Standards

  • The Arts Framework provides guidance for implementing the 2019 Arts Standards. The California Arts standards web page includes the PDF of the published standards and information about the standards development process.   
Schedule of Significant Events
Curriculum Framework and Evaluation Criteria Committee

On January 9, 2019, the SBE appointed 20 members to the Visual and Performing Arts Curriculum Framework and Evaluation Criteria Committee (VAPA CFCC) to assist in the development of the Arts Framework.

Visual and Performing Arts Framework Focus Group Report

Pursuant to the California Code of Regulations, Title 5, Section 9511(c), the CDE convened four focus groups across California to inform the content and guidance in the VAPA Framework.

Additional Resources
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