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Downloadable SARC Data Files 2021–22

Template table names, downloadable data files, and mapping document to populate School Accountability Report Card (SARC) Reports.

As a courtesy for schools and districts, the California Department of Education (CDE) makes School Accountability Report Card (SARC) data available. The CDE also provides a blank SARC template and a SARC Data Layout document. The SARC Data Layout is a mapping document that indicates where select data for the template are located within specific available data files. Where the CDE maintains data previously reported by public local educational agencies (LEAs), the data have been included in SARC downloadable data files for local SARC development use. Where SARC required data are not maintained by the CDE, notations are made in the template and mapping document. While the CDE provides data where available, LEAs are responsible for the completion of the entire SARC and for the accuracy of all SARC data made available to the public.

The CDE has provided an electronic partially pre-populated 2021–22 SARC template, located on the online SARC Web Application. A large majority of the data have already been pre-populated in the public LEA's SARC templates by the CDE. The SARC Web Application, via the electronic SARC template, also provides LEAs the flexibility to upload a photo of the school's principal and provide a custom principal’s message. Additionally, this application, via the electronic SARC template, provides graphical displays of some of the data shown on the SARC and provides an electronic, real-time translation of the information provided on the SARC in over 70 languages for those viewing the SARC.

The following links provide the necessary tools to populate a SARC:

Table Name from SARC Template Files to Download

District Contact Information

schldir.txt (TXT; 3MB; Updated 8-Feb-2023)
schldir.xlsx (XLSX; 2MB; Updated 8-Feb-2023)

School Contact Information

schldir.txt (TXT; 3MB; Updated 8-Feb-2023)
schldir.xlsx (XLSX; 2MB; Updated 8-Feb-2023)

School Description and Mission Statement

To be provided by LEA

Student Enrollment by Grade Level

enrbygrade.txt (TXT; 1MB; Posted 13-Jan-2023)
enrbygrade.xlsx (XLSX; 1MB; Posted 13-Jan-2023)

Student Enrollment by Student Group enrbysubgrp.txt (TXT; 1MB; Posted 13-Jan-2023)
enrbysubgrp.xlsx (XLSX; 1MB; Posted 13-Jan-2023)

Teacher Preparation and Placement

teacherprep.txt (TXT; 5MB; Updated 6-Jul-2023)
teacherprep.xlsx (XLSX; 4MB; Updated 6-Jul-2023)

Teachers Without Credentials and Misassignments

teachermisassign.txt (TXT; 1MB; Updated 6-Jul-2023)
teachermisassign.xlsx (XLSX; 1MB; Updated 6-Jul-2023)

Credentialed Teachers Assigned Out-of-Field

teacheroutoffield.txt (TXT; 1MB; Updated 6-Jul-2023)
teacheroutoffield.xlsx (XLSX; 1MB; Updated 6-Jul-2023)

Class Assignments

classassign.txt (TXT; 1MB; Updated 6-Jul-2023)
classassign.xlsx (XLSX; 1MB; Updated 6-Jul-2023)

Quality, Currency, Availability of Textbooks and Other Instructional Materials
To be provided by LEA
School Facility Conditions and Planned Improvements
To be provided by LEA
School Facility Good Repair Status
To be provided by LEA
Overall Facility Rate
To be provided by LEA
California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) Test Results in English language arts/literacy (ELA) and Mathematics for All Students

caall.txt (TXT; 1MB; Posted 13-Jan-2023)
caall.xlsx (XLSX; 1MB; Posted 13-Jan-2023)

CAASPP Test Results in ELA by Student Group caela.txt (TXT; 4MB; Posted 13-Jan-2023)
caela.xlsx (XLSX; 5MB; Posted 13-Jan-2023)
CAASPP Test Results in Mathematics by Student Group camath.txt (TXT; 4MB; Posted 13-Jan-2023)
camath.xlsx (XLSX; 5MB; Posted 13-Jan-2023)
CAASPP Test Results in Science for All Students

caallsci.txt (TXT; 1MB; Updated 26-Jul-2023)
caallsci.xlsx (XLSX; 1MB; Updated 26-Jul-2023)

CAASPP Test Results in Science by Student Group casci.txt (TXT; 3MB; Updated 26-Jul-2023)
casci.xlsx (XLSX; 5MB; Updated 26-Jul-2023)
Career Technical Education (CTE) Programs
To be provided by LEA
Career Technical Education (CTE) Participation
Course Enrollment/Completion for University of California (UC) and/or California State University (CSU) Admission Requirements
California Physical Fitness Test Results To be provided by LEA
Opportunities for Parental Involvement
To be provided by LEA
Dropout Rate and Graduation Rate (Four-Year Cohort Rate)

cohort.txt (TXT; 1MB; Updated 18-Jan-2023)
cohort.xlsx (XLSX 1MB; Updated 18-Jan-2023)

Graduation Rate by Student Group (Four-Year Cohort Rate) cohortsg.txt (TXT; 3MB; Posted 13-Jan-2023)
cohortsg.xlsx (XLSX 2MB; Posted 13-Jan-2023)
Chronic Absenteeism by Student Group chronic.txt (TXT; 3MB; Posted 13-Jan-2023)
chronic.xlsx (XLSX 4MB; Posted 13-Jan-2023)
Suspensions and Expulsions

susexp.txt (TXT; 1MB; Posted 13-Jan-2023)
susexp.xlsx (XLSX; 1MB; Posted 13-Jan-2023)

Suspensions and Expulsions by Student Group susexpsg.txt (TXT; 2MB; Posted 13-Jan-2023)
susexpsg.xlsx (XLSX; 2MB; Posted 13-Jan-2023)

School Safety Plan

To be provided by LEA

Average Class Size and Class Size Distribution (Elementary)

acselm.txt (TXT; 1MB; Posted 13-Jan-2023)
acselm.xlsx (XLSX; 2MB; Posted 13-Jan-2023)

Average Class Size and Class Size Distribution (Secondary)

acssec.txt (TXT; 1MB; Posted 13-Jan-2023)
acssec.xlsx (XLSX; 1MB; Posted 13-Jan-2023)

Ratio of Pupils to Academic Counselor

ractp.txt (TXT; Posted 13-Jan-2023)
ractp.xlsx (XLSX; Posted 13-Jan-2023)

Student Support Services Staff stusup.txt (TXT; 1MB; Posted 13-Jan-2023)
stusup.xlsx (XLSX; 1MB; Posted 13-Jan-2023)

Expenditures Per Pupil and School Site Teacher Salaries

expend.txt (TXT; 1MB; Posted 13-Jan-2023)
expend.xlsx (XLSX; Posted 13-Jan-2023)

Note: The CDE provides State Expenditures Per Pupil (Unrestricted), and District and State Average Teacher Salary data. The remaining data is to be provided by the LEA.

Types of Services Funded

To be provided by LEA

Teacher and Administrative Salaries

salary.txt (TXT; 2MB; Updated 27-Jan-2023)
salary.xlsx (XLSX; 1MB; Updated 27-Jan-2023)

Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

Professional Development To be provided by LEA
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Last Reviewed: Thursday, July 27, 2023
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