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Suspension Indicator FAQs

The most frequently asked questions about the Suspension Indicator used for the California School Dashboard.
Do after-school detentions count as suspensions?

According to California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS) – Local Education Agencies (LEAs) do not need to report restraints or seclusions that occur outside of school hours.

My suspension numbers match on California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS) and Dataquest. Why are the rates different on the Dashboard?

Dataquest and the Dashboard fulfill different purposes and sometimes report slightly different metrics. For the case of suspension – Dataquest reports any suspensions regardless of length time. The Dashboard only counts students who have a cumulative (aggregate total) suspension of at least one full day.

Each partial day suspension is counted as a “suspension” in the suspension rate for the Dashboard. Therefore, all students with a partial suspended are included in the suspension rate. Is this accurate?

No. Only students with an aggregate suspension of one full day are counted in the suspension rate numerator.

  • If a student is suspended for:
    • 0.5 partial day,
    • 0.3 partial day, and
    • 0.1 partial day

The student is not included in the numerator of the suspension rate because the aggregate suspension total is 0.9 (i.e., less than one full day).

One of my students was suspended for five full days. Are each of these suspensions counted in the suspension rate?

No. The suspension rate is based on the number of students who have a cumulative (aggregate) suspension of at least one full day during the school year. A student who is suspended multiple times is only counted as suspended once.

If a student transfers from one school to another, do the student’s suspensions follow the student from school to school? For example, would a student’s suspension at the first school be included in the student’s second school?

No. The student’s suspension would count in the first school but not at the second. As with all state indicators, the data used for the Dashboard are based on the data generated at each district or school. An Local Education Agency (LEA) or school does not inherit another LEA/school’s data. The only instance data are inherited by another LEA is with the application of the District of Residence rule.

Does the suspension rate for the Dashboard only use “out-of-school” suspensions?

No. Both “in-school” and “out-of-school” suspensions are counted as suspensions in the rate.

I have a student who enrolled on October 10 and exited on the same day (October 10). Is this considered an enrollment of one day and therefore the student would be included in the denominator?

Yes. A student who enrolls and exits a school on the same day is considered enrolled for one day and therefore included in the denominator count.

Are teacher suspensions from a classroom included in the numerator of the Suspension Rate Indicator?

Yes. These suspensions are included in the numerator.


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Last Reviewed: Thursday, August 17, 2023
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