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SBE takes action on low-performing Charter School

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For Immediate Release
December 16, 2009

Regina Wilson

State Board of Education Takes Strong Action towards Low-Performing Charter Schools

SACRAMENTO – The California State Board of Education voted unanimously at its December 15, 2009 meeting to approve for public comment the proposed regulatory language for low-achieving charter school revocation.

“The State Board of Education’s unanimous vote is a significant step to make certain that California maintains high-quality charter schools strengthening California’s Race to the Top application,” said Board President Ted Mitchell. “The majority of charters are remarkable success stories, however, some are failures. The regulations voted on will provide the Board with a clear process needed to ensure all charters meet California’s high academic requirements to help all students succeed.”

“We welcome the comments from the public and look forward to engaging them in the process.”

With Governor Schwarzenegger and the Obama Administration’s focus on high quality of public schools – including public charter schools – the Board has requested that their authority to revoke a locally authorized charter be operationalized. The Board has the authority – pursuant to Educational Code section 47604.5 – to revoke a locally authorized charter under specific conditions and upon the recommendation of the Superintendent of Public Instruction. The proposed regulatory language voted on targets only charter schools with low-academic performance and sets the process and conditions for action by the Board, specifically establishing metrics for identifying charter schools that are not performing and revoking their charter.

Following yesterday’s unanimous vote, the proposed language will be available for public comment for 45 days. Following the public comment period, the Board is expected to vote on final language to be enacted into state regulation at the March 2010 board meeting.

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