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SBE President on the Charter Renewal Regulations

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For Immediate Release
March 10, 2011

Regina Wilson

State Board of Education President Michael Kirst Issues a Statement
on the Approval of Charter Renewal Regulations

Sacramento -- Board President Michael Kirst issued the following statement on the approval of the Charter Renewal Regulations Process:

"I am pleased that the board approved the charter renewal regulations for a 15-day comment period. These regulations are the product of a large number of public comments that provided input and guidance on a clear renewal process for charter schools.

The regulations provide greater clarity intended to:

  • Detail the information that a charter petition for renewal must include to be considered complete;
  • Set forth the criteria the governing board of a school district must use in evaluating a charter school’s petition for renewal;
  • Identify the time period in which the governing board of a school district, as the chartering authority, must act on a petition for renewal before the petition is considered approved;
  • Specify the grounds on which the county board of education many deny a petition for renewal; and
  • Identify the grounds on which the SBE may deny a petition for renewal.

The timelines for renewal consideration at the local level provide a framework for timely charter renewals and thus greater clarity and certainty about the future of charter schools for parents, kids, and the communities they serve. These regulations give charter operators and charter authorizers a clear and fair procedure when pursuing the renewal process".


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