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Becoming an Educator

Information and resources to provide pathways and guidance to becoming an educator in California public schools.

Become a Teacher

Become a Teacher
California education serves more than 6 million students throughout the state at more than 11,000 public and charter schools. There is continual need for high-quality educators in various capacities to prepare our students for success at every level. CalEdFacts most current statistics on the number of teachers in California.

Become a School Counselor

Educational Counseling
School counselors and other members of the student support team (school psychologists, school social workers, child welfare and attendance supervisors, and school nurses) assist students in making decisions, managing emotions, coping with crises, overcoming barriers to learning, and seeking access to the core curriculum. School counselors and members of the support team help students set short- and long-term goals, improve attendance, reduce and resolve conflicts, and prevent youth suicide. CalEdFacts most current statistics on the number of school counselors and student support staff.

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Last Reviewed: Friday, March 10, 2023
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