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Model Curriculum Projects

Curricula in a specific topic developed pursuant to legislation.

Model curriculum projects are initiated in response to specific legislation calling for a state-developed curriculum in a specified topic or disciplinary area of study. Typically these projects are done under the supervision of the State Board of Education (SBE) or the Instructional Quality Commission.

2020 Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum
  • Public Input Webinar
    A webinar was held on January 9, 2018, to collect public feedback on the model curriculum project.
César E. Chávez Model Curriculum
  • César E. Chávez Model Curriculum External link opens in new window or tab. 
    Research Center is now available. Contains several thousand primary source documents and more than 500 pictures from historical archives.
Human Rights and Genocide Model Curriculum
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Last Reviewed: Thursday, August 12, 2021