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First Class: A Guide for Early Primary Education

First Class: A Guide for Early Primary Education (PDF; 14MB) (California Department of Education 1999) is intended to help those responsible for the education of children from four to seven years old. First Class is a research-based, classroom resource that highlights:

  • Practical and relevant information about classroom materials including charts, illustrations, and helpful resources

  • An appendix of recent research studies on a variety of topics including the current thinking on the use of phonics, ways to help children write, assessment materials, and resources for English language learners

  • Twelve guiding principles for quality early primary education programs

  • Educational practices that work in the classroom

  • Solutions to problems that educators face every day, such as how to design the classroom environment, plan for classroom instruction and management, plan a daily schedule, discipline in a positive and responsible manner, teach subject matter to young children, and plan an integrated early primary program.

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Last Reviewed: Tuesday, December 6, 2022