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Chapter Five Resources Links

Links to outside resources in Chpater Five of the Science Framework.

Link 5 (Page 385), Average Annual Precipitation in California with Shaded Relief Map [Link Not Available]

Link 14 (Page 427)

WestEd, Making Sense of Science, Free Teacher Resources [Link Not Available]

Link 20 (Page 494)

Test Tube Games, Gravity Simulator [Link Not Available]

Link 22 (Page 505)

USGS School Yard Geology, GeoSleuth Schoolyard Lesson [Link Not Available]

Link 25 (Page 514)

Part Two: Evolution of the Mutants" from HIV: Evolving Menace, from the NSTA Publication Virus and the Whale: Exploring Evolution in Creatures Small and Large [Link Not Available]

Link 54 (Page 557) lesson titled Can you see the difference between wind pollinated and insect pollinated flowers? [Link Not Available]

Link 70 (Page 559)

Southwest Climate Change Network, illustration of the Hadley Effect [Link Not Available]


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