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Chapter Seven Resources Links

Links to outside resources in Chapter Seven of the Science Framework.

Link 3 (Page 787)

YouTube video by Nat Geo Wild, Prairie Dog Snake Alarm: American Serengeti (Link Not Available)

Link 48 (Page 956)

National Energy Education Development Project, Great Energy Debate [] [No longer available]

Link 90 (Page 1014)

Where Are They Now? Blog, Africa – Big Cats 2013. Photograph of Cheetah and Topi on the Maasai Mara Plains in Kenya [] [No longer available]

Link 96 (Page 1014)

Flickr image, The Cell Cycle [] [No longer available]

Link 98 (Page 1014)

Flickr image, Cosmos on my Desk: Light Energy [] [No longer available]

Link 114 (Page 1015)

NASA, Educator's Corner, Solution for Graphing Spectra Student Worksheet, Part II [] External link opens in new window or tab.

Link 121 (Page 1016)

National Energy Education Development Project, Exploring Oil and Gas [] [No longer available]

Link 124 (Page 1016)

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Global Mean Data (Link Not Available)

Link 144 (Page 1017)

Public Health England, Tuberculosis Mortality and Mortality Rate, England and Wales, 1913–2013 [no longer available]

Link 151 (Page 1017)

Southeastern Universities Research Association, Chart of the Electromagnetic Spectrum [] [No longer available]

Link 167 (Page 848)

Evolution and the Nature of Science Institutes, The Cytochrome-C Lab [] Link no longer available. Last accessed November 15, 2019


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