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Chapter Eight Resources Links

Links to outside resources in Chapter Eight of the Science Framework.

Link 57 (Page 1246)

The Basin Challenge game [no longer available]

Link 61 (Page 1248)

Engineering is Elementary: Water, Water Everywhere water purification design challenge [] No longer available for free. Last accessed November 15, 2019.

Link 64 (Page 1253)

University NAVSTAR Consortium (UNAVCO), Jules Verne Voyager Jr (Link Not Available)

Link 75 (Page 1272)

Architecture firm in Cambridge, England Proposal for commercial square (Link Not Available)

Link 81 (Page 1272)

Openclipart: picture of the sun in a blue sky [no longer available]

Link 84 (Page 1273)

ElectroCity is an online computer game that lets players manage their own virtual ... energy, sustainability and environmental management in New Zealand [] No longer available. Last accessed November 15, 2019.

Link 85 (Page 1273)

SimCity is an online computer game that allows players to build and manage a city [] [No longer available]

Link 86 (Page 1273)

Engineering is Elementary unit Don't Runoff [] Link no longer available for free. Last accessed November 15, 2019

Link 95 (Page 1295)

techBlog: Using techBASIC to Turn Your iPhone or iPad into a Metal Detector [] [No longer available]

Link 101 (Page 1295)

University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) Center for Science Education Teaching Boxes Map of present day plate motions (Link Not Available)

Link 106 (Page 1296)

Picture of biodiversity from Environmental Management wiki (Link Not Available)

Link 109 (Page 1296)

Picture of the Cell Cycle from NHS HEE Genomics Education Programme, UK [] [No longer available]

Link 111 (Page 1296)

Photograph of a burning candle [] [No longer available]

Link 115 (Page 1297)

IBIS World article: The Fading Western World Supremacy; World Population Growth Chart[no longer available]

Link 122 (Page 1297)

National Geographic News: Oldest Known Ocean Crust Found on Greenland (2007) [no longer available]

Link 131 (Page 1298)

National Energy Education Development Project Curriculum: Exploring Oil and Gas [] [No longer available]

Link 132 (Page 1298)

National Energy Education Development Project Curriculum: Great Energy Debate [] [No longer available]

Link 159 (Page 1299)

Public Health England Tuberculosis mortality and mortality rate, England and Wales, 1913-2013 [no longer available]

Link 169 (Page 1300)

Southeastern Universities Research Association (SURA) 6th Annual SURA Terahertz Applications Symposium (2009) [] [No longer available]

Link 184 (Page 1301)

Ventana Wildlife Society California Condor Recovery (Link Not Available)

Link 185 (Page 1301)

Picture of human melanoma cell dividing [] [No longer available]


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