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Preschool School CDS Code Guidance

Provides guidance related to administering preschool programs as it relates to County-District-School (CDS) codes.

The following guidelines shall be adhered to when determining when to issue a school code to a preschool.

  1. If a preschool program is housed on an elementary school campus serving non-special education preschoolers and/or special education preschoolers and is under the elementary school’s administration, the elementary school housing the preschool program shall change its grade levels offered to include preschool and shall encompass the preschool program. In this situation, a separate school code shall not be issued to the preschool.
  2. If non-special education preschool programs are administered by the LEA, or a non-elementary school within the LEA, or an Early Education and Support contracted program regardless of location, the LEA may apply for a single school code for these preschool programs.
  3. LEAs, or schools within an LEA administering one or more special education preschool programs, regardless of location, may apply for a single school code for these preschool programs.

An application for a CDS Code must be completed and signed by the County Office of Education (COE) or district superintendent. The application can be found at the following link: Application for a CDS Code. Local board Minutes showing local approval for a preschool are not required for a special education preschool CDS code. Board meeting minutes showing local approval are required for a public non-special education preschool CDS code.

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Last Reviewed: Thursday, October 12, 2023