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2013-14 Budget Tables

Table summaries of the 2013-14 state education budget.

General Fund Budget Summary (XLS)
General Fund revenues, expenditures and year-end reserves comparison of 2012–13 and 2013–14.

K–12 Education Funding Resources for 2013–14, All Sources and Proposition 98 (XLS)
Summary of all funding sources for K–12 education in 2013–14 and corresponding pie chart.

Categorical Programs Affected by the Local Control Funding Formula in 2013–14 (XLS)
A list of categorical programs impacted by the new Local Control Funding Formula and their corresponding former legal authority.

General Fund Appropriations for K–12 Education (XLS)
General Fund appropriations in the 2013–14 education budget.

Proposition 98 Basic Principles (DOC)
Background and methods of calculation for Proposition 98 funding of the education budget.

Proposition 98 Funding, 2008–09 through 2013–14 (XLS)
Annual Proposition 98 education funding spanning 2008–09 through 2013–14.

Proposition 98 Spending Changes—K–12 in 2012–13 and 2013–14 (XLS)
Major Proposition 98 spending changes in the 2012–13 and 2013–14 education budgets.

Proposition 98 Deferrals 2010–11 through 2013–14 (XLS)
2012–13 Proposition 98 deferrals.

Non-General Fund Appropriations for K–12 Education 2013–14 (XLS)
Federal funding and other funding sources for K–12 programs in 2013–14.

One-time Funds (XLS)
One-time funds for education programs in the 2013–14 budget.
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