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All K-12 Education Funding Resources for 2014-15

Summary of all funding sources and Proposition 98 for K-12 education in 2014-15 and corresponding pie chart.
Sources of Funding Proposition 98 Sources All Sources
State General Fund $40,092 $45,341
State lottery N/A 1,054
Other state funds N/A 89
Federal funds N/A 7,660
Local debt service N/A 3,829
Local property taxes 14,089 14,660
Other local funds N/A 3,983
Total $54,181

Note: Amounts in millions, includes funds for California Department of Education state operations, state special schools, state school facilities bond repayments, state contributions to the State Teachers Retirement System, the State Library, and the Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

Each slice in the pie chart represents the percentage of total education funding from each funding source. In descending order, the percentages are: 59.2 percent from the state General Fund, 19.1 percent from local property taxes, 10 percent from federal funds, 5.2 percent from other local funds, 5 percent from local debt service, 1.4 percent from the state lottery, and 0.1 percent from other state funds.

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Last Reviewed: Tuesday, August 30, 2016