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CNAC Agenda for the March 21, 2022, Meeting

Meeting agenda for the State Superintendent of Public Instruction Child Nutrition Advisory Council (CNAC).

Meeting Location and Time

This meeting will be held via Zoom video.
Monday, March 21, 2022
10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.


Council Members

  • Clell Hoffman, Chair
  • Kim Frinzell
  • Cristine Holmer
  • Holly Hungerford-Cocking
  • Jane Alvarado-Banister
  • Carrie Buck
  • Maryam Shayegh
  • Jackie Day
  • Ryan Alvarez
  • Natalie Cole
  • Ronald Little


  • Sarah Neville-Morgan, Deputy Superintendent
  • Mike Danzik, Nutrition Education Consultant
  • Jackie Richardson, Nutrition Education Administrator
  • Bryan Sapp, CDE Legislative Representative


10:00 a.m.

CNAC Administrative Activities
  • Call to order
  • Welcome and swearing in of new members
  • Zoom meeting protocol
  • Robert's Rules of Order review
  • Approve March 2022 CNAC agenda
  • Approve December 2021 CNAC meeting minutes
  • Form 700

Presenters: Clell Hoffman, Sarah Neville-Morgan, Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction Opportunities for All Branch, Mike Danzik

10:15 a.m.

First request for public comment

Presenter: Clell Hoffman

10:20 a.m.

Item 1: Director's Update

Type of Action: Information/Discussion/Action

Presenters: Kim Frinzell

10:40 p.m.

Item 2: Nomination for CNAC vice chair
  • Solicit names
  • Statements of interest
  • Vote
  • Announce CNAC vice chair

Type of Action: Information/Discussion/Action

Presenters: Clell Hoffman, CNAC members

11:15 a.m.

Item 3: Members identify and vote on CNAC action priorities

Type of Action: Information/Discussion/Action

Presenters: Clell Hoffman, Jackie Richardson, Mike Danzik, CNAC members

12:30 p.m.

Lunch Break

1:30 p.m.

Item 4: State legislation update

Type of Action: Information/Discussion/Action

Presenters: Bryan Sapp

1:40 p.m.

Item 5: Members identify and vote on CNAC deliverables and begin to develop action plan(s)

Type of Action: Information/Discussion/Action

Presenters: Clell Hoffman, Jackie Richardson, Mike Danzik, CNAC members

2:55 p.m.

Last request for public comment

Presenter: Clell Hoffman

3:00 p.m.


Presenter: Clell Hoffman

The Order of Business May Be Changed Without Notice

Notice is hereby given that the order of consideration of matters on this agenda may be changed without prior notice.

Reasonable Limitations May Be Placed On Public Testimony

The presiding officer of the CNAC reserves the right to impose reasonable time limits on public testimony to ensure that the agenda is completed.

Special Presentations May Be Made

Consistent with the requirements of the Bagley-Keen Open Meeting Act, notice is hereby given that special presentations not mentioned in the agenda may be made at this meeting. However, any such presentation will be for information only.

Reasonable Accommodation Will Be Provided for Any Individual with a Disability

Pursuant to the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, any individual with a disability who requires reasonable accommodation to attend or participate in this meeting of the CNAC may request assistance by contacting the Nutrition Services Division at:

Nutrition Services Division
California Department of Education
1430 N Street, Suite 4503
Sacramento, CA 95814-5901
Telephone: 916-323-7311
Fax: 916-445-5731

Questions:   Nutrition Services Division | 800-952-5609
Last Reviewed: Monday, April 24, 2023
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