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Official Letter
California Department of Education
Official Letter
December 15, 2023

Dear Heritage School Owners:

2024 Heritage School Registration

This notice is to inform previously registered heritage school owners of the annual Heritage School Registration requirements per California Education Code Section 33195, to provide resources and information for registering heritage schools with the California Department of Education (CDE), and to inform you of improvements to the 2024 Heritage School Registration System.

Note: If you do not plan to operate a heritage school in 2024, please disregard this email.

Heritage School Registration Requirements

Heritage schools are required to annually register with the CDE. The annual registration window for heritage schools is January 1 through January 31. If you plan on operating a heritage school or schools during 2024, you will need to register your heritage school(s) with the CDE by January 31, 2024, otherwise, your school(s) or program may be subject to California Department of Social Services (CDSS) Child Care Licensing.

Registering a Heritage School

You may register your heritage school(s) from the online CDE Heritage School Registration System at beginning January 1, 2024. Please note, this is a new web address.

After receipt and processing of heritage school registration forms and fees ($250), processed heritage school registration forms will be available on the CDE Heritage School Registration Search page at

Additional information about heritage schools and the registration process is available from the CDE Heritage School Registration Information web page at

Improvements to the 2024 Heritage School Registration System

The CDE is pleased to announce the development and release of a new and improved Heritage School Registration System (HSRS). The information included on the registration form is the same as previous years and the overall process remains the same, however, the online registration system has undergone a modernization upgrade, has a new look, and new features. Below are some system enhancements that you can expect when registering your heritage school(s) in 2024.

  • Multi-page form layout with on-screen field help.
  • Improved data entry validation.
  • Automated email communications to confirm registration and processed payments.
  • Access to the payment voucher, so it can be (re)printed at a later time, rather than immediately after registering.
  • Access to your registration summary and payment status.
  • Improved step-by-step instructions for completing the Heritage School Registration form (

Should you have questions about the contents of this email, please contact Len Jones by email at


Shana Yeary, Manager
CBEDS/CDS Support Office

Last Reviewed: Friday, December 15, 2023

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