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Transportation Instructor Bulletin #01:08

June 1, 2001

Behind-the-Wheel Guide Distribution Program; Make-up Training; Instructor and Delegated Trainer Status

Distribution Program for the 2001 Revision of the Instructor's Behind-the-Wheel Guide for California's Bus Driver's Training Course:

On June 1, 2001, the California Department of Education's Office of School Transportation (OST) will begin the distribution and in-service training of the 2001 revision of the Instructor's Behind-the-Wheel Guide for California's Bus Driver's Training Course (BTW Guide). Information regarding this program has already been distributed to active instructors by mail. This information is also available on the OST Web site.

Make-Up Training

For those instructors and delegated trainers who are unable to attend any of the 36 BTW Guide training sessions to be conducted by the OST during June and July 2001, the following make-up sessions have been scheduled. All make-up sessions will be conducted at the OST training facility located in West Sacramento (California Highway Patrol Academy) on the dates listed below. Registration and training will begin at 8:00 am and conclude at 1:00 pm. Instructors and delegated trainers who plan on attending must pre-register for the make-up training session by contacting the OST.

The Department reserves the right to cancel any or all of the make-up sessions due to the lack of attendance. All costs associated with attendance of a make-up training session, such as travel, lodging, meals, etc., will be at the expense of the individual instructor or delegated trainer. There is no cost to individual instructors or delegated trainers for the training provided by the OST. Following are the BTW Guide make-up training sessions:

Session #1 - October 30, 2001
Session #2 - November 7, 2001
Session #3 - November 20, 2001
Session #4 - December 12, 2001

Status of Instructors and Delegated Trainers Who Fail to Attend BTW Guide In-Service Training:

The practical, hands-on, behind-the-wheel training provided by instructors and delegated behind-the-wheel trainers to trainees is by far the most important element in the overall preparation of professional bus drivers. The Instructor's Behind-the-Wheel Guide for California's Bus Driver's Training Course is the cornerstone of the California Department of Education's Bus Driver Training Program. It is the intent of the Department, in revising the BTW Guide and in providing associated in-service training, to provide the California passenger transportation industry with the most current training materials, theories, and techniques.

It is the expectation of the Department that all active instructors (those not limited to classroom instruction only), and all active delegated trainers will attend one of the regular or make-up BTW Guide in-service training sessions. Failure for an instructor or a delegated behind-the-wheel trainer to complete the in-service training prior to January 1, 2002, will result in the Department limiting their ability to instruct behind-the-wheel training as required in Education Code sections 40080 through 40089.

On or after January 1, 2002, the Department will forward to the California Highway Patrol (CHP) a list of instructors and delegated trainers who have successfully completed the in-service training of the 2001 Revision of the BTW Guide. The Department will recommend to the CHP that school bus officers and coordinators only accept behind-the-wheel training from instructors and delegated trainers on the approved list.

It is not the intent of the Department to punish or eliminate instructors or delegated trainers from our industry. It is the Department's statutory mandate to provide California with the safest and most efficient professional bus drivers possible, and this can only happen when those who train these drivers are experienced, knowledgeable, and use the most current teaching techniques, theories, and practices.

The Department understands that often there are conditions and circumstances that cannot be addressed in standard operating procedures. The Department will make every effort to accommodate instructors and delegated trainers who notify the Department in writing of their special circumstances. If you have any questions, please contact the OST at 916-375-7100.

Questions:   Anna Borges | | 916-375-7100
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