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Instructor Bulletin 07-19 Instructor Credentials

The California Department of Education (CDE) has seen an increase in the number of instructors that have allowed their medical examination (12517.2 Vehicle Code (VC) - including the DL-51 medical card), California Special Driver Certificate, first aid qualification (12522 VC) or Commercial Driver License to expire.

The California Department of Education would like to remind all state certified instructors that the California Education Code requires instructors to maintain a valid medical examination, California Special Driver Certificate, Commercial Driver License and first aid qualification. CDE Office of School Transportation (OST) policy states, when an instructor permits any one of their credentials to lapse they become "invalid" immediately and shall remain "invalid" until they recertify through the California Department of Education. There is no grace period for instructors.

An instructor who has allowed any one or more of their credentials to lapse must take the following steps to recertify. The instructor must fill out the most current instructor application and performance review posted on the OST Web site (only those portions that pertain to re certification). Submit the completed application, including the performance review, to the OST office in Sacramento. Upon approval of the application by the OST supervisor, the OST area coordinator will contact the applicant and coordinate the recertification process. An instructor cannot become valid and therefore cannot participate in Education Code required classroom instruction, behind-the-wheel training, or perform any required documentation until the instructor recertification process has been completed.

It is important to know that during the time that an instructor is "invalid" all Education Code required classroom instruction, behind-the-wheel training or training documentation on a State Department of Education form T-01 will also be invalid and rejected by the California Highway Patrol.

Questions regarding this instructor bulletin can be directed to the Department of Education's Office of School Transportation at 916-322-4163.

Questions:   Anna Borges | | 916-322-4163
Last Reviewed: Friday, June 10, 2016
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