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Instructor Bulletin 07-20 Instructor to Bus Ratio

The purpose of this memo is to clarify the Office of School Transportation's policy on the number of state certified instructors each transportation organization may have in relation to the number of buses they operate. The instructor to bus ratio is used by the Office of School Transportation to assure that a balanced number of certified instructors are working in each geographical area of California and that the training needs of California's passenger transportation industries are met.

The Office of School Transportation uses the instructor to bus ratio to evaluate a transportation organization's request to certify a new instructor through the Bus Driver Instructor Training Program. Transportation organizations may employ as many state certified bus driver instructors as they wish, however, the instructor to bus ratio below will apply if the organization intends to sponsor and requests acceptance for a new instructor applicant to attend the Bus Driver Instructor Training Program.

An instructor applicant may be denied when a transportation organization has more certified instructors than the ratio allows. This ratio is discretionary and may be waived upon written request accompanied by a justification which outlines the exceptional circumstances the organization faces.

A state certified instructor who does not provide classroom instruction, behind-the-wheel training or training documentation to their organization may request to become an "independent" instructor. The instructor must send to the department written verification of their independent status stating that they will no longer perform any Education Code required classroom instruction, behind-the-wheel training or required training documentation for their transportation organization. This request must include the instructor's identification number, current mailing address, phone number and instructor card reissue fee. An instructor listed by the Office of School Transportation as an "independent" will not be counted in their transportation organization's instructor to bus ratio.

The criteria used to establish admission eligibility into the Bus Driver Instructor Training Program is based on the following:

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Last Reviewed: Monday, June 13, 2016
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