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Delegate Driver Trainer Exam Process and Fees

Beginning January 1, 2008, an application fee of $35.00 must accompany each delegated behind-the-wheel trainer application received by the California Department of Education. This fee will fund the processing of the application and the first performance test. If the applicant fails the first performance test and desires to be retested, the Department will require an additional fee of $200.00 prior to each additional performance test for the applicant. Carriers are encouraged to carefully select qualified individuals that have the necessary driving skills, the enthusiasm to teach, and the ability to communicate with other drivers while meeting all of the minimum qualifications of a delegated behind-the-wheel trainer as set forth in the Education Code.

Education Code Requirements

All behind-the-wheel training required to obtain certificates pursuant to Sections 12517 and 12519 of the Vehicle Code shall be performed by a state-certified instructor or by a delegated behind-the-wheel trainer who has been certified or approve by the department to conduct the required training. (Education Code Section 40084.5[a])

A "delegated behind-the-wheel trainer" means a person selected to assist a state-certified instructor in the behind-the-wheel training of drivers. Selected persons shall be trained by state-certified instructors and approved by the department before conducting any behind-the-wheel training. The minimum standards for the selection of a delegated behind-the-wheel trainer are as follows: (Education Code Section 40084.5[b])

  1. One year experience as a driver of the appropriate type and size vehicle immediately preceding the date of selection as a delegated behind-the-wheel trainer.
  2. Possession of the appropriate license, certificates, and endorsements needed to drive and train in a particular type and size vehicle.
  3. A high school diploma or General Education Development (GED) equivalent.
  4. A driving record without chargeable accidents within the past three years immediately preceding the date of selection.
  5. Successful completion of all training in the latest edition of the Instructor's Behind-the-Wheel Training for California's Bus Driver's Training Course given by, and in the presence of, a state-certified instructor of the appropriate class.
  6. Successful completion of a written assessment test on current laws, regulations, and policies given by, and in the presence of, a state-certified instructor of the appropriate class.
  7. Successful completion of a driving test and a behind-the-wheel training performance test on all phases of behind-the-wheel and vehicle inspection training. The test shall be given by, and in the presence of, a state-certified instructor of the appropriate class.
Additional Requirements
  1. A completed application accompanied by a fee of $35.00 (check preferred, no cash or purchase order).
  2. Possession of the same basic knowledge and skills as a state-certified instructor.

Please visit the California Department of Education, Office of School Transportation's Web site for an application and preparation guidelines.

Questions regarding this instructor bulletin can be directed to the Office of School Transportation at 916-375-7100.

Questions:   Anna Borges | | 916-375-7100
Last Reviewed: Monday, June 13, 2016
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