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Danger Zone 08-25

The California Department of Education (CDE) has adopted a change in the curriculum instructed to both original and renewal drivers. The CDE has elected to embrace this change in order to follow the recommendations and safety guidelines set forth by national pupil transportation safety organizations.

Previously, the "danger zone" surrounding the vehicle extended 10 feet from the sides, front, and rear of the vehicle. Effective immediately, the danger zone has been increased to a distance of 12 feet.

Instructors are reminded that it is critical that drivers receive proper instruction in not only the danger zone, but all curriculum contained in both the Instructor's Manual for California's Bus Driver's Training Course and the Instructor's Behind-the-Wheel Guide for California's Bus Driver's Training Course as required by Education Code sections 40080-40090.5. All new editions of the above listed training documents will reflect this new recommendation.

Questions regarding this instructor bulletin can be directed to the Department of Education's Office of School Transportation at 916-375-7100.

Questions:   Anna Borges | | 916-375-7100
Last Reviewed: Friday, June 10, 2016
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