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APH Registration System Instructions

Instructions for using the Online APH Registration System.

Using the American Printing House for the Blind (APH) Registration System

  1. Log onto the APH Registration System (ARS)
  2. Enter in the Access Code provided to you in the registration e-mail.

Instructions for Updating Student Information

Verify that all information for each registered student is correct in the student list.

    1. Check Name, Date of Birth, and matriculate Grade Level as needed.
      • Students of adult age will automatically be set as an Adult Student per APH requirements.
    2. Edits can be made to the student’s record by clicking on their Name.
      • Changes to Functionality, Reading Mediums, and Language can be made from the student’s record page.
      • If this information is correct, check the Mark this Student Reviewed box and click Save Student Data.
    3. Check the box for Mark for Removal if the student will not be included in this year’s registration.
    4. If the student’s information is correct, check the Reviewed box and click on the Save Data box.
    5. Repeat this process for each student on your list.

As you verify each student, they will be greyed out on the student list.

    • You can sort by students reviewed or yet to be reviewed by clicking on the word Reviewed in the Reviewed column.

Instructions for Adding New Students

  1. Click on the +Add New Student link at the top of the student list.
  2. Fill in all the student information.
  3. Click Save Student Data to confirm addition of new student.

Instructions for Deleting a Student

  1. Check the box for Mark for Removal if the student will not be included in this year’s registration.
  2. Check the Reviewed box and choose the Save Data box.                                            

Questions: Clearinghouse for Specialized Media and Technology | | 916-319-0881 
Last Reviewed: Tuesday, April 26, 2022
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