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High School Incentive Program

Information on the High School Incentive Program to help support qualified students with disabilities.

What is the High School Incentive Program?

The Clearinghouse for Specialized Media and Technology (CSMT) recognizes the benefits of assistive technologies for students with visual impairment as they prepare for college and career. The High School Incentive Program is a one-time allotment of $2500 to be spent on assistive technologies at the American Printing House (APH) for Blind for qualifying California high school students. Funding is first come, first served.

School personnel are required to provide the student and family any training needed for items obtained under this incentive. Students awarded the incentive are gifted the items upon graduation or certificate of completion. CSMT will not cover the cost of repairs for these items should they break while in use.

Who qualifies?

Any high school student currently enrolled in the APH Federal Quota Program through the California Department of Education accounts.

What is the process to become eligible?

  • School personnel identify an eligible student with need.
  • School personnel inform the student, as well as their parent or guardian, about this opportunity and have a conversation about the terms and conditions.
  • School personnel obtain verbal agreement that the student and parent/guardian wish to proceed.
  • School personnel complete and return the High School Incentive Program form to CSMT at
  • CSMT staff will call the school personnel to verify the student is indeed registered in the APH Federal Quota Program. Pending available funding, CSMT staff will place the order for the requested items.
Questions: Clearinghouse for Specialized Media and Technology | | 916-319-0881 
Last Reviewed: Monday, May 06, 2024
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