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Using the Copy CDD-801A Families Screen


Use this screen to copy one or more families from the selected report month/year to a new month/year.

Important Reminder

When copying families (for example from May to June), you must:

  • Copy the families forward first, then
  • Make changes to the families in the report month.
  • Do not make changes to the report before copying forward (for example, do not change May before copying forward to June) or you will have changed May's report and it will no longer reflect actual services for that month.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Copy Families

  1. On the "View CDD-801A Families" screen, click the "Copy Families" button at the bottom of the page.

    Result: The "Copy CDD-801A Families" screen is displayed and all families are marked to be copied.

  2. A checkmark next to a family's name indicates this family is marked to be copied. To remove the checkmark from a family's name so that family is not copied forward, click on the box. The checkmark will be removed. If you have many families listed but only need to copy a few families to the next month, you can click the "Uncheck All" button and then check only those few families you need to copy forward. Or, if you unchecked all the families and need to recheck them, click the "Check All" button.

  3. Move through the list of all families to remove check marks from beside the names of all families you do not want to be copied forward (these are families that did not receive services in the month you are copying to).

    Only 20 family names are displayed at one time.

    Use the buttons and links to view other families:

    • Click "Previous Page" to view the previous 20 families.
    • Click "Next Page" to view the next 20 families.
    • Select a page number from the drop down list to view the families on that page.
    • Click on a letter under the "Jump to families" to move to the first family with a last name that begins with that letter.

  4. The subsequent month is already selected for you. You can change the month and year if you want to copy families to a later month.

    Note: You cannot copy families to a prior month.

    Note: You must select a report month and year that is before the current calendar month.

    Example: On March 14, 2009, you decide to copy forward the families from January 2009. You can copy those families to February 2009 (a month that has already ended). But you cannot copy those families to March 2009 or later because our system does not allow the month to be reported until after it has ended.

  5. [Super users only] If your agency has sub-agencies, the system automatically selects the same sub-agency to receive the copied families.

    Note: You can also change the sub-agency where the families will be copied if you want to report them in a different sub-agency during the next month.

  6. Click the "Copy Checked Families" button.

    Result: A confirmation screen is displayed.

    Read the confirmation screen(s) very carefully. You will see one of two screens depending on if you already have families in the target month or not.

    If there are no families in the target month, you will be asked if you are sure you want to copy the families to the next month. Select from one of the following choices:

    Click "OK" to copy the families (and proceed to step #7 below).
    Click "Cancel" and return to the previous screen to start over.

    If there are already families in the target month, the system display a page that tells you how many families exist in the target month and ask you to choose from the following two options:

    Select "Delete families in [copy from month] and replace them with the selected families from [copy forward month]."
    Select "Add Selected families from the prior month to the next month."

    Then, you can:

    Click "OK" to copy the families.
    Click "Cancel" and return to the previous screen to start over.

How to Exit the Copy CDD-801A Families Screen

If you want to leave this screen and not copy the families with the check marks, you can click one of the following:

  • "Cancel and Return to View Families" button at the bottom of the screen, or
  • "Main Menu" link that appears just above the page name, or
  • "Log Out" link that appears just above the page name.

When you use these buttons and links to exit the screen before the copy families process has completed, the check marks beside families are removed and no families are copied.

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Last Reviewed: Wednesday, November 23, 2016
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