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ACSE Agenda April 21, 2021

Advisory Commission on Special Education (ACSE) meeting agenda.
Important Notice

Please note, the April 2021 Advisory Commission on Special Education (ACSE) meeting will be held as a teleconference; Room 1101 (board room) will be closed to the public. See ACSE Meeting Logistics section below for options to view and participate in the meeting.

Advisory Commission on Special Education Members

  • David M. Toston, Chair
    Havaughnia Hayes-White, Vice Chair
    Stacey Adler
    Marie Alvarado Gil
    Michele Andrus
    Elizabeth Estes
    Dawn Hamilton
    April Lopez
    Christina Mills
    Sara Notch
    Christine Oyakawa
    Gloria Ruiz
    Kimberly Salomonson
    Jeannine Topalian
    Steven Winlock

Legislative Members

  • Honorable Richard Pan, Senate
  • Honorable Jim Frazier, Assembly

State Board of Education Liaison

  • Ilene Straus, State Board Vice President

Executive Secretary

  • Heather Calomese, Director, Special Education Division
    California Department of Education

All times are approximate and are provided for convenience only. Items may be re-ordered to be heard on any day of the noticed meeting or on a subsequent agenda. The order of business may be changed without notice. Every effort will be made to webcast this meeting in its entirety, but some portions may not be webcast due to logistical constraints.

Reasonable Accommodation for Any Individual with a Disability

Pursuant to the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, any individual with a disability who requires reasonable accommodation to attend or participate in a meeting or function of the ACSE, may request assistance by contacting the California Department of Education (CDE) Special Education Division (SED), 1430 N Street, Suite 2401, Sacramento, CA 95814; telephone: 916-445-4602; fax: 916-327-3706.

Advisory Commission on Special Education

Meeting Schedule Meeting Location
Wednesday, April 21, 2021
10 a.m.–4 p.m. Pacific Time ±
California Department of Education
1430 N Street, Room 1101, Sacramento, CA
Phone: 916-445-4602

ACSE Meeting Logistics

On March 17, 2020, Governor Gavin Newsom issued Executive Order N-29-20 related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Executive Order allows state bodies covered by the Bagley-Keene Open Meeting Act (Act) to hold public meetings covered by the Act via web and/or audio teleconferencing. As such, the April ACSE meeting will be held as an audio/video teleconference and will have a live webcast; Room 1101 (board room) at the California Department of Education will be closed to the public. Please see the Public Comment Guidelines section below for options to view and participate in the meeting.

Public Comment Guidelines

Public comment may be via email or phone, as specified below.


The public is highly encouraged to submit written comments to the ACSE members in advance for prior consideration. In order to help ensure that commissioners have time to review the comments, please submit comments by noon on Friday, April 16, 2021. However, comments received after that time will be forwarded to Commission members until the day of the meeting. Comments should be submitted to the ACSE mailbox at: The following information should be included in the body of the email: (1) commenter’s first and last name, (2) organization affiliation, (3) agenda item number or general public comment.


Public comment may also be provided by dialing the phone number and participant access code that will be provided on April 21, 2021, and then following the operator’s prompts. Upon dialing in, callers will be added to a caller queue. The operator will notify callers when it is their turn to provide public comment. Public comment will be limited to one minute for each agenda item unless otherwise specified by the ACSE. Members of the public wishing to dial in for public comment should view the live-stream of the meeting. The number and access code will be provided at the start of public comment for each item.

Prior to making public comment, speakers who are watching the meeting via live webcast should make sure the volume on their computer is muted to avoid echoing or feedback sounds during the call.

Agenda Item Materials

Agenda item materials, including presentation materials, are available by sending a request for copies to

Advisory Commission on Special Education Mental Health Committee

Wednesday, April 21, 2021, 8–8:45 a.m. Pacific Time
California Department of Education
Sacramento, California

Members of the ACSE Mental Health Committee will be meeting prior to the start of the ACSE meeting to discuss opportunities and challenges at the state level related to improving children's social, emotional, and behavioral health.

  • Purpose and role of the committee
  • Committee activities and how often the committee will meet
  • Opportunities and challenges related to distance learning and returning to in person learning

Advisory Commission on Special Education Operations and Planning Committee

Wednesday, April 21, 2021, 9–9:45 a.m. Pacific Time
California Department of Education
Sacramento, California

Members of the ACSE Operations and Planning Committee will meet prior to the start of the ACSE meeting to discuss the operations of the ACSE.

  • Grazer Outstanding Achievement in Learning award
  • Review of committees, committee chairs, and liaisons
  • Annual Report
  • Student Commissioners

Advisory Commission on Special Education

Wednesday, April 21, 2021, 10 a.m. Pacific Time
California Department of Education
1430 N Street, Room 1101
Sacramento, California

10–10:15 a.m. Pacific Time ±

  • Call to Order–Roll Call
  • Salute to the Flag
  • Communications and Announcements
  • Review of Agenda
  • Review of How to Provide Public Comment

10:15–10:45 a.m.

Item 1–Liaison Reports: Updates from ACSE Liaisons will be provided. (Item type: Information, discussion)

10:45 a.m.–12:15 p.m.

Item 2–Special Education State Workgroups: An overview and progress to date on the work of the State Individualized Education Program (IEP) Template Workgroup and the Alternative Pathways to a High School Diploma for Students with Disabilities Workgroup (Diploma Pathways), created and funded through the 2021 California State Budget Act, will be provided. Presenters: Dave Gordon, Superintendent, Sacramento County Office of Education; Glen Price, Founder, Glen Price Group; Sara Doutre, IEP Workgroup Facilitator, WestEd; and Jamie Wong, Diploma Pathways Facilitator, Sped Strategies. (Item Type: Information, discussion, action)

12:15–12:45 p.m. Lunch

12:45 –1:30 p.m.

Item 3–Statewide Testing: Staff from the CDE will provide an update on statewide testing, flexibilities, and next steps for the 2020‒21 school year. They will discuss the implications for students and local educational agencies. Presenters: Rachael Maves, Deputy Superintendent, Instruction and Measurement Branch; Mao Vang, Director, Assessment, Development, and Administration Division; and Heather Calomese, Director, SED, CDE. (Item type: Information, discussion, action)

1:30–2:15 p.m.

Item 4–Legislative Update: The CDE Government Affairs Division will provide a brief background on the legislative process, advocacy, and update the Commission on pending legislation that might impact special education in California. Presenter: Bryan Sapp, CDE, Government Affairs Division. (Item type: Information, discussion, action)

2:15–2:30 p.m.

Item 5–Committee Reports: Members of the Mental Health Committee will report on their meeting and Members of the Grazer Outstanding Achievement in Learning (GOAL) Committee will recommend an award amount and a recipient for the 2020–21 GOAL award. (Item type: Information, discussion, action)

2:30–2:45 p.m. Break

2:45–3:15 p.m.

Item 6–State Special Education Director’s Report: The Director of the CDE, SED will provide an update on the activities of the Division. Presenter: Heather Calomese, Director, CDE, SED. (Item type: Information, discussion)

3:15–3:30 p.m.

Item 7–Commissioner Updates: Updates from ACSE Commissioners will be provided. (Item type: Information, discussion)

3:30–3:45 p.m.

Item 8–Agenda Building for ACSE Meetings: Commissioners will recommend items to be included on future ACSE meeting agendas. (Item type: Information, discussion)

3:45–4 p.m.

Item 9–General Public Comment: General public comment is invited on any matter, including items not on the agenda. The ACSE is precluded from discussing matters not on the agenda; however, questions may be asked by Commissioners for clarification purposes. Issues raised by the public may be referred to a future meeting agenda. Chair reserves the right to establish time limits on presentations. (Item type: Information)


Adjournment of meeting.

Questions: Special Education Division | | 916-445-4602 
Last Reviewed: Thursday, April 8, 2021
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