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Record Layout for Census Enrollment Data File

Field names, types, and descriptions for the 2022 Dashboard Census Day Enrollment Downloadable Data File.
Field # Field Name Description Acceptable Values
1 cds County-District-School Code 14-character string
2 rtype Record Type S=School Record
D=District/LEA Record
X=State Record
3 schoolname School Name Text
4 districtname District Name Text
5 countyname County Name Text
6 studentgroup Student Group AA=Black/African American
AI=American Indian or Alaska Native
PI=Pacific Islander
MR=Multiple Races/Two or More
EL=English Learner
SED=Socioeconomically Disadvantaged
SWD=Students with Disabilities
FOS=Foster Youth
HOM=Homeless Youth
7 totalenrollment Total census day enrollment for all students Integer
8 subgrouptotal Total census day enrollment for the student group Integer
9 rate Enrollment rate for the student group Percent
10 reportingyear Reporting Year Text
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Last Reviewed: Friday, January 5, 2024
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