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Record Layout for Local Measures: Priority 6

Field names, Types, and descriptions for the Local Measures: Priority 6 Data File.
Field # Field Name Description Acceptable Values
1 cdscode County-District-School Code 14-character string
2 lea Local Education Agency (LEA) Text
3 priorityId School Climate 6
4 summary Summary of local administration and analysis of local climate surveys that captures students perceptions of school safety and correctedness Text
5 meetingDate Date taken to local governing board Date
6 additionalinfo Additional Information Text
7 performance Performance Level

Note: Because performance determinations (i.e., Met, Not Met, Not Met for Two or More Years) cannot be made for the 2021 Dashboard (per Assembly Bill 130), this field is blank

8 year Dashboard Year
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Last Reviewed: Tuesday, January 16, 2024
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