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Record Layout for 2022 Suspension Indicator

Field names, types, and descriptions for the 2022 Suspension Indicator Data File.
Field # Field Name Description Acceptable Values Suppression Rules
1 cds County-District-School Code 14-character string None
2 rtype Record Type S=School Record
D=District/LEA Record
X=State Record
3 schoolname School Name Text None
4 districtname District Name Text None
5 countyname County Name Text None
6 charter_flag Charter School Flag Y or Blank
Y=The school is a charter school
7 coe_flag County Office of Education Flag Y or Blank
Y=The district is a county office of education
8 dass_flag Dashboard Alternative School Status (DASS) Flag Y or Blank
Y=The school is a DASS school
9 type School or District Type ES=Elementary School
MS=Middle School
HS=High School
ED=Elementary District
HD=High School District
UD=Unified District
10 studentgroup Student Group ALL=All Students
AA=Black/African American
AI=American Indian or Alaska Native
PI=Pacific Islander
MR=Multiple Races/Two or More
EL=English Learner
SED=Socioeconomically Disadvantaged
SWD=Students with Disabilities
FOS=Foster Youth
HOM=Homeless Youth
11 currnumer Current Numerator

Number of students suspended
Integer Blank if currdenom<11
12 currdenom Current Denominator

Number of students enrolled
Integer None
13 currstatus Current Status

Suspension Rate

(Rounded after calculations. For further information regarding this data field refer to the CA School Dashboard Technical Guide.)
Decimal Blank if currdenom<11
14 statuslevel Status Level

(Determined after calculations and rounding. For further information regarding this data field refer to the CA School Dashboard Technical Guide.)
1=Very High
5=Very Low
0=No Data
0 if currdenom<11
15 certifyflag Non-certified data flag

Districts and schools that did not certify their attendance data in the California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS) are automatically assigned a "High" Status Level if their earned Status Level was Medium, Low, or Very Low.
Y or Blank
Y=Did not certify suspension data
16 reportingyear Reporting Year Text None
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Last Reviewed: Friday, January 05, 2024
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