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CSEY Awardees 2011

Classified School Employees of the Year Awardees for 2011.

News Release and biographies of the Classified School Employees of the Year Awardees for 2011.

Additional information can be found on the April 29, 2011, State Schools Chief Tom Torlakson Announces California's 2011 Classified School Employees of the Year News Release #11-34.

Margo Howard

Child Nutrition Category
Cafeteria Lead Worker, 14 years in current position
Canyon Middle School, Castro Valley
Castro Valley Unified School District, Alameda County

Margo Howard has been the nutrition worker at Canyon Middle School for 14 years. Under her leadership the kitchen area is maintained to the highest standards, and all foods are fresh, healthy, and prepared under strict guidelines. Her team greets every student by name with a smile. Principal Mark Croghan writes: "Margo Howard is the heart and soul of Canyon Middle School. They say an army moves on its stomach. At Canyon, our staff and students are on the move with ‘Margo Power.' Serving more than 800 meals a day in two half hour shifts, five days a week, requires tremendous organization. We are fortunate to have Margo Howard leading the effort to fulfill our school motto, Respect, Excellence, Pride."

Sheldon Walker

Maintenance, Operations, and Facilities Category
Senior Custodian
Warner Middle School, Westminster
Westminster School District, Orange County

Sheldon Walker started as a substitute custodian in 1998 at Haden Elementary, the largest elementary school in the Westminster School District, with more than 800 students. After moving to Warner Middle School as a night custodian in 1999, Walker quickly rose to the position of senior custodian coordinating a variety of duties supporting the school, community, staff, and students. He excels at meeting the various maintenance needs of a middle school. He is also a "key leader" in the Westminster community for his ability to coordinate and plan support services for various groups including the Boys and Girls Club; Vietnamese Cultural Center; the Washington D.C. Club; the Red Cross; the fire department; and many other annual student, staff, and community events. Walker has expanded his support for classified employees by serving as job steward for California School Employees Association, attending regular trainings, and building positive relationships throughout the district.

Donna Ackermann

Office and Technical Category
Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent, 21 years in current position
Walnut Creek School District, Contra Costa County

Donna Ackermann has worked as the superintendent's administrative assistant for 21 years. During this time, she has served three superintendents; dozens of governing board members; and countless parents, teachers, and community members. "Her efficient attention to detail has created a culture of trust within the district and the Walnut Creek community that relies on accurate information from the district office," said Superintendent Patricia Wool. School Board Member Barbara Pennington noted: "It is a pleasure to work with Ms. Ackermann, her professionalism, sense of humor, willingness to work with others, honesty, and insistence on doing what's best for the district makes her a natural leader."

Julie Dutchover

Para-Educator and Instructional Assistance Category
Instructional Aide, 6 years in current position
Mesa View Middle School, Calimesa
Yucaipa-Calimesa Joint Unified School District, San Bernardino County

Julie Dutchover has been an instructional aide working with special education students at two district middle schools over the last six years. She is currently at Mesa View Middle School. She challenges her students to reach their full potential. She also works with special education students in full-inclusion classrooms. Dutchover frequently takes time during her lunch period or after school to assist those who are struggling. She is continuing her education in order to grow as an educator and frequently attends district-wide trainings on her own time. According to Principal Jim Stolze, "Mrs. Dutchover demonstrates an exemplary understanding of what it means to be a successful special education instructional aide. She doesn't need a directive or memo to do what is right; she just does it. For this reason and others, the amazing Mrs. Dutchover stands as a great example of how great employees do great things for kids."

Yoon Nam Thungc

Support Services and Security Category
Community Liaison, 8 years in current position
Shasta Lake School, Shasta Lake
Gateway Unified School District, Shasta County

Yoon Nam Thungc has been a Community Liaison at Shasta Lake School for eight years and was hired at a time when the district experienced an influx of Mien students. His familiarity with public education and his standing in the Mien community allowed him to help students and families make a smoother transition to their new school. His interventions have resulted in the bridging of understanding between district staff and Mien parents for whom he serves as interpreter and arranges transportation as needed. Thungc is an active member of the Shasta County Mien Community and was instrumental in initiating the First Annual Multi-cultural Celebration in 2003. Through the Literacy Instruction for Everyone program at Shasta Lake School, he teaches standards-based lessons on grammar, and encourages students to set goals not only for their current educational success, but also for college. Principal Helen Herd notes: "Yoon Nam leads by example and demonstrates every day at work the importance of a good education and pride in your work. He has set high standards for himself and his students. He is a valued member of the Gateway Unified School District staff and the services he provides for our students, parents, and staff are immeasurable."

Wilfin Morales

Transportation Category
Bus Driver, 9 years in current position
Menlo Park City School District, San Mateo County

Wilfin Morales has been a bus driver for nine years, driving more than 250,000 miles without a single accident or ticket. His knowledge of school bus transportation is second to none. On a new route transporting kindergarten, first, and second grade students, he has made a practice of greeting each child by name with a smile, and assisting with backpacks as they climb aboard. Once the students are at school, Morales walks the students hand-in-hand to class each morning. Encinal School Principal Allison Liner says: "He has created his own ‘Magic School Bus' for Encinal School. He goes the ‘extra mile' to see that children are well taken care of. He is positive and professional and exemplifies the Menlo Park City School District's commitment to excellence on a daily basis. He is a truly treasured asset to our community." His supervisor, Dennis Hatfield, notes that Mr. Morales is always ready to take on new tasks or projects and is kind, thoughtful, and friendly to staff, parents, and the community. "During my career as a supervisor, I have never had a more dedicated and positive employee. It is a pleasure to work with Wilfin Morales."

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