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Counselor, School for the Deaf, Sign Language Only

Counselors at the School for the Deaf supervise individual and group activities of students.

Job Description

Counselors at the School for the Deaf supervise individual and group activities of students. Under direction, Counselors plan and conduct recreational, academic and social activities to meet identified student growth needs; work with academic staff to ensure educational needs of individual students are being met; supervise and instruct students in social etiquette and self-care skills; advise students on matters of social outlook and interpersonal relationships; contact parents regarding student progress and conduct; apply behavioral management skills with students; exercise sound judgment and safe physical restraint techniques in student behavioral incidents; document student developments, incidents, and other student-related issues in writing; keep records; and ensure the safety and well-being of students at all times. Counselors may be assigned primary responsibility for a caseload of special needs students and may transport students in vehicles.

Examination Bulletin

Please read the entire bulletin to obtain specific information about this examination.

Qualifications Assessment Questionnaire

The California civil service selection system is merit-based, and eligibility for appointment is established through a formal examination process. The Counselor examination consists of a Qualifications Assessment Questionnaire (QAQ) that will be used to evaluate your experience, education, and training. The QAQ is the entire examination and will account for 100% of your score. Candidates will receive notification of their score by mail.

General Instructions/How to Apply

To apply for this examination, you must submit a complete application package which includes an Examination and/or Employment Application (STD. 678), the Qualifications Assessment Questionnaire including the Affirmation Statement, and evidence of completion of the required education.

Please submit your completed application package to:

California Department of Education
Examination & Recruitment Office
1430 N Street, Room 1802
Sacramento, CA 95814

How to Apply for Vacant Positions

If you are successful in the Counselor examination, your name will be placed on an eligible list used for hiring. You may receive contact letters inviting you to participate in hiring interviews for Counselor positions. You can also search for Counselor positions by viewing our Job Announcements page. You should review and familiarize yourself with the position description and job duties listed on the Job Announcement prior to your hiring interview.

Questions:   Examinations & Recruitment Office | | 916-319-0857
Last Reviewed: Tuesday, January 02, 2024
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