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ESSA Stakeholder Engagement Toolkit

Below you will find resources to support stakeholder engagement during the development of California's ESSA Consolidated State Plan.

Toolkit Overview Video External link opens in new window or tab. (18:18; 23-Nov-2016)


  • Final ESSA regulations addressing the submission of state plans affect the timeline for California to submit its State Plan. This change has provided an opportunity for the CDE to reexamine its ESSA stakeholder engagement strategy. The ESSA State Plan will be available as a full draft on or before July 2017 for the statutorily required 30-day public comment period. The CDE anticipates presenting the ESSA State Plan for final State Board of Education (SBE) approval at the September 2017 SBE meeting before submitting it to the U.S. Department of Education on September 18, 2017. More detail regarding opportunities for stakeholders to engage in plan development activities will be provided in future SBE information memoranda and agenda items and the ESSA listserv.

Overview Materials

California ESSA Webinar for Education Stakeholders and Public

U.S. Department of Education ESSA State Plan Templates

Note: The documents below are for informational purposes only. The U.S. Department of Education has archived the following documents:

  • Consolidated State Plan Template
  • Assurances Template

Stakeholder Engagement Toolkits for State Plan Drafts

Stakeholder Engagement – Phase II Toolkit
Toolkit facilitator instructions and ESSA State Plan first draft sections, overview videos, and public comment survey.

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