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Archived Dashboard General Overview Materials

Prior year materials covering a broad overview of the California School Dashboard.

2019 Dashboard

Flyers and parent guide covering general information of the 2019 California School Dashboard.

2019 Flyers

Guide for Parents (and for Those New to the Dashboard)

2019 Parent Guide to the California School Dashboard (DOCX)
An easy-to-understand guide developed for parents and anyone new to the Dashboard. This document contains an overview of the local and state measures and how performance is measured and reported on the Dashboard.

2018 Dashboard

Flyers and brief videos covering general information of the 2018 Dashboard.

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Last Reviewed: Thursday, September 29, 2022
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    Field names, types, and descriptions for the 2022 DASS 1-year Graduation. Rate Data Files. The DASS 1-year Graduation Rate is for informational purposes only and is not used for accountability reporting.
  • Connecting the Dashboard to LCFF (added 06-Mar-2023)
    This page identifies how the Dashboard state and local measures interconnect with the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) priority areas.